Raise3D is a world-renown brand specialized in FDM and DLP 3D printing equipment, materials, peripherals and post-processing devices. Raise3D also collaborates with other filament and resin manufacturers to allow the use of third-party materials with the Raise3D equipment.

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Showing 1 - 76 of 76 items

Innovation and flexible manufacturing

Since its inception, Raise3D has opted to offer high quality 3D printers, with innovative components and operating systems, always maintaining an adequate sales price for most professional users. Thanks to all this, Raise3D has managed to be a leading manufacturer of FDM and DLP printers and has won several awards worldwide. Thanks to the Open Filament Program and Open Resin Program, the Raise3D 3D printers are open to third-party materials by selected manufacturers.

Raise3D equipment

As far as FDM equipment, Raise3D offers an incredibly versatile catalog of products including the Pro2 series, the Pro3 series, and the desktop-size E2 printer, all with dual extrusion and all ideal for rapid prototyping (Pro2), large-scale production and multi-sized rapid prototyping (Pro3), and professional printing in mirror mode or duplication mode (E2) thanks to the famous IDEX extrusion system. What's more the Pro2 and Pro3 series can be upgraded with the Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit (HUK) to enable printing speeds up to 4 times higher, resulting in even more agile production with the specialized Raise3D filaments.

Raise3D also offers various specialized FDM 3D printers such as the E2CF printer for printing with fiber-reinforced composites, the Forge1 solution (and accompanying D200-E debinding station and S200-C sintering station) for metal additive manufacturing, and the RMF500 industrial-grade printer for large-volume uninterrupted production.

In 2023 Raise3D entered the world of resin 3D printing with their DLP resin 3D printing solution DF2, complete with the DF2 3D printer designed for small-batch production, and the DF Wash and DF Cure post-processing stations, all seamlessly integrated with the auto-feeding station and the Raise3D resins for both general use and engineering applications.

Raise3D materials

In order to answer the demands of the professional 3D printing market, Raise3D has tailored their material offer to include high quality 3D printing filaments and resins for a wide range of applications across sectors.

Raise3D provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality materials in their filament catalog, catering to the diverse needs of professionals in the 3D printing industry. The range encompasses PLA Premium, ABS Premium, ASA Premium, fiber-reinforced PA12, PET and PPA, as well as PETG (also Premium), PC Premium, TPU, and general support materials (soluble and breakaway), and material-dedicated support filaments. Notably, there are specialized offerings such as high-speed filaments (PLA and ABS), optimized for use with the Pro3 printers equipped with the HUK solution. This diverse array of materials ensures that professionals can achieve optimal results across various applications, maintaining a commitment to excellence in 3D printing technology.

As far as the Raise3D resin catalog, it includes both general-use resins such as the Standard resin for parts with fine detail, high accuracy and a smooth matte surface finish, as well as resins designed for engineering applications such as the High Detail, Tough 2K and Rigid 3K resins with elevated resistance to heat or impact.