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Very high quality filament manufactured in Europe by Fillamentum. Guarantees a high precision of the dimensions (tolerance and roundness)without any impurities, and color standardization according to RAL and Pantone codes.

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The PLA is the easiest filament to print

PLA (Polyacid lactic acid) is the most used material in 3D printing due to its easy printing because it has a low extrusion point (180 - 210 ºC) and does not need a heated base. Thanks to these properties, the PLA can be used with any 3D FDM printer on the market.

The use of this thermoplastic ensures a great finish of the pieces, without errors of printing by jams or deformations, even when making large pieces (no warping effect), but with a low mechanical resistance compared to the rest of existing materials for 3D printing. For this reason, many of the PLA applications are for non-structural elements with a decorative purpose or for prototypes.

Another advantage of PLA is that it is biodegradable in the long term and does not release harmful gases during the manufacture of pieces, since it is a polymer obtained from corn starch, cassava or sugarcane. Thanks to its natural origin, the PLA can be used by a 3D printer in closed places, such as offices and studios, where people are working without problem, since it does not emit harmful gases.

PLA Premium: Quality at a glance

The filaments of the PLA Premium range are manufactured by Fillamentum in Europe, which is one of the most recognized worldwide manufacturers. The Premium filament guarantees a high precision of the dimensions (tolerance and roundness) and without any impurities. All the coils guarantee the standardization of colors according to RAL and Pantone codes. Another aspect that reflects the great quality at a glance is the perfect winding which avoids problems during printing due to overlaps.

The filaments of PLA Premium are available in a wide variety of formats with 750 g or 2.5 kg reels and available in more than 20 colors.