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When it comes to manufacturing certain geometries, laser cutting and CNC machining can prove of great value in the additive manufacturing workflow, speeding it up significantly. Laser cutters and CNC machining devices also allow for the inclusion of a very wide range of materials into the creative process.

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Laser cutting

Laser cutting devices, much like 3D printers, use a system of rails and a work head to manufacture shapes. However, while 3D printing is based on the additive manufacturing principle, laser cutting represents subtractive manufacturing where raw material in the form of sheets/blocks of metal, wood, leather, fabric, etc., is cut into the desired design with the help of a CO2 laser (Flux laser cutting machines) or a laser diode (Mr Beam II). Professional laser cutters can work at very high speeds and create extremely intricate designs.

CNC machining

CNC machining is another example of subtractive manufacturing. In this canse, the work head (a spindle with an adequate cutter or drill bit mounted) moves on rails according to pre-programmed codes to produce a shape from a raw material, most commonly metal, wood, plastics, cork, plywood, etc. A great example are the Mekanika CNC machines that have proven extremely useful to many craftsmen in many workshops to prototype and produce small series of objects with the help of quality open source modular tools and machines.