Bed Adhesion 

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Find the best solution to get a good adhesion of the different types of filament to the base of the 3D printer.

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Importance of adherence to the base

One of the most important parts of 3D printing is the adhesion of the material to the building base. This adhesion has to be sufficient at the beginning of the printing, first layers and during printing, to avoid the warping effect, but once the printing is finished it is possible to remove the piece in a simple way. For this reason there are different options when it comes to ensuring adherence. Generic options such as 3DLac, DimaFix and Magigoo, are normally oriented to conventional materials (PLA, special PLA, ABS, special ABS, etc.) that can be used in most 3D FDM printers. Specific options such as Magigoo PC or Magigoo PA, are developed specifically for some material that presents difficulty of adherence to the base with generic products.

Types of adhesion system to the base

With the evolution and emergence of new 3D printing materials have been developed various types of systems for adherence to the base: tape, spray/liquid and sheets.

The tapes type Kapton Tape and Blue Tape were the first systems to be used for 3D printing. In the beginning, its use allowed printing large amount of materials with high efficiency but have a major drawback, they break quite easily. Within the spray / liquid system are the most economical options when printing conventional materials (3DLac, DimaFix and Magigoo). In addition, within this type of system there are specialized solutions for a particular material. Finally, there are the adhesion sheets, which are installed above the printing base. These sheets are more resistant than the tapes and thanks to them the need to apply spray / liquid is avoided. Inside the sheets there is also the option of magnetic systems, which allow to remove the piece from the base simply and quickly.