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The HotEnd is the part of the extruder that heats the filament to be able to realize 3D printing.

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Hotend: Key part of the 3D printer

The hotend is one of the most important parts of the 3D FDM printer. This component is responsible for receiving the filament from the extruder, heating it in a controlled manner and removing it with constant flow through the nozzle.

The hotend usually consists of: a fan connected to a metal diffuser, a heat break, a metal block where the heating cartridge and the thermistor cartridge are housed, and the nozzle. The user must bear in mind that all the elements that make up the hotend are key for the correct functioning of the 3D printer. If, for example, the fan is damaged, the heat will rise through the diffuser to cause a jam or if the nozzle shows a marked wear, the pieces made will present deformations and areas with holes.

Hotend high flow

Certain users seek to make parts quickly without giving importance to the surface finish. For this type of impressions, there are high flow hotends, which allow to increase the speed of printing, achieving a reduction in manufacturing time. A hotend with these characteristics is the E3D-Online Volcano, which achieves high flow thanks to the length of its nozzle, outlet diameter and the parallel position of the heating cartridge with respect to the nozzle.