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Rolling cart/workstation for the Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus or Pro3/Pro2/E2/E2CF 3D printers.

There are numerous accessories on the 3D printing market whose task is to agilize the workflow of a workspace with a 3D printer. One such accessory is the pedestal cart for the Raise 3D Pro 2Pro 3E2 / E2CF and Pro 2 PlusPro 3 Plus printers. Both carts are available in the office version and in the workshop version.

Office version

Both carts are built with sturdy and durable materials, and designed to serve as a surface for a 3D printer and a storage space at the same time. The cart has wheels which significantly facilitates the task of moving the 3D printer without the risk of damaging it. The wheels are equipped with a lock which will ensure that the cart does not move by accident.

The tool drawer and spool cabinet in the Raise 3D printer car

Image 1. The tool drawer and spool cabinet in the Raise 3D printer cart. Source: Raise 3D.

Both carts have a closed cabinet for storing spools of filament, as well as a drawer with compartments for storing tools and accessories in an organized way, making everything the user may need during the 3D printing process readily available in one compact workspace.

A working space with the Raise 3D pedestal printers carts

Image 2. A working space with the Raise 3D pedestal printers carts. Source: Raise 3D.

Another benefit offered by the Raise 3D printer cart is that thanks to its design, a 3D printer placed on the cart is at the user’s eye level, which allows the user easy access to the 3D printer without the need for crouching or bending over. This not only makes the printer cart handy but also healthier for the user than makeshift surfaces and arrangements.

Workshop version

The Raise3D printing carts in the workshop version come in two sizes - for the Pro3 / Pro2 / E2 / E2CF printers or for the Pro2 Plus / Pro 3 Plus printers. Both sizes are designed to fit compact spaces and made from sturdy metal to ensure reliable performance during intense production.

The Raise 3D pedestal printers carts in the workshop version

Image 3. The Raise 3D pedestal printers carts in the workshop version. Source: Raise 3D.

Both workshop versions allow the user to create a handy workstation with accessories neatly organized in the customized drawers. The upper shelves and dividers allow to organize and store tools, wheels allow the user to move the printer and locks to keep it stable. Furthermore, the Pro3 / Pro2 / E2 / E2CF version comes with an add-on for dry box holders for the E2CF printer.

Before purchasing the Raise 3D printer cart, the user should make sure that the right cart is chosen for the user’s 3D printer model.

Manufacturer Raise 3D
Dimensions Pro3/Pro2/E2 (office): 622.3 x 965.2 x 590.5 mm
Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus (office): 596.9 x 635 x 577.85 mm

Pro3/Pro2/E2/E2CF (workshop): 600 x 600 x 960 mm
Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus (workshop): 600 x 600 x 615 mm
Packaging Size Pro3/Pro2/E2 (office): 711 x 711 x 1016 mm
Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus (office): 711 x 711 x 711 mm

Pro3/Pro2/E2/E2CF (workshop): -
Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus (workshop): -
Weight with Packaging Pro3/Pro2/E2 (office): 31.82 kg
Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus (office): 29.46 kg

Pro3/Pro2/E2/E2CF (workshop): -
Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus (workshop): -
HS Code 8477.5


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