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Replacement camera and cable for Raise 3D printers

Raise3D is a globally recognized brand of FDM 3D printers that is dedicated to developing and manufacturing versatile and user-friendly printers. The Raise3D Pro2 Series features two robust 3D printers with multi-material capabilities, dual extruders with electronic drivetrains, and ease of use.

The integrated camera in the Pro2 series printers from Raise3D allows for real-time monitoring of prints through Ideamaker software, as well as capturing time-lapse videos of the prints. Due to the hours of operation and the heat inside the chamber when printing materials such as ABS or PC, the camera may degrade and reach the end of its lifespan.

The camera kit for Raise3D Pro2 and Pro2 Plus printers [[S]5.11.05004A01] includes the camera module with a stand and the specific connection cable for Pro2 series printers. This module is also compatible with E2 series printers, but it is necessary to replace the cable with the one specific to Raise3D E2 printers.

The Pro2 and E2 camera [[S]5.11.05004A01] is solely the camera included in the kit and does not include the housing or connection cable. This camera comes as standard with E2 and Pro2 printers.

The V2.0 camera for Pro2, Pro3, E2, and E2CF [[S]5.11.05013A01] is the camera that comes as standard with Pro3 and E2CF printers and is backward compatible with Pro2 and E2. It offers better quality than the previous model, with improved refresh rate. This product only includes the camera and does not include the housing or cable.


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