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HiPS (High Impact Polystyrene) filaments are thermoplastics suitable for making high quality, lightweight parts, with characteristics similar to those of ABS and soluble in D-Limonene.

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The great mechanical properties of the HiPS

HiPS is a thermoplastic obtained by polymerization with high impact resistance. Commonly known as "high impact polystyrene", it is a heat resistant material with ideal physical properties for use in the packaging, food industry, etc.

This polystyrene is a material indicated to make light technical parts and high quality due to the high resolution of printing and its high resistance to impact. In addition the HiPS presents a very good watertightness so it is ideal to contain liquids without leakage. This property is due to the high thermal inertia of the HiPS itself, which allows a very good adhesion between printing layers.

HiPS: The ideal support material for ABS

Although most of its mechanical and physical properties (rigidity, resistance to traction and impact, thermal stability...) are similar to those of ABS, there is one property that makes it different from all others, its solubility in D-Limonene. D-Limonene is a biodegradable natural solvent that is extracted from the oil of citrus peels, in which HiPS dissolves.

With the help of HiPS it is very easy to get parts with complex geometries in ABS. The HiPS is used as support material in all those areas where support is necessary to achieve the correct shape of the piece. Once the manufacturing is complete, the D-Limonene piece is immersed to dissolve all the HiPS and thus obtain the final piece without any remaining support material and with a high surface quality.