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  • Deadlines and shipping costs

    Orders placed before 5:00pm (UTC+1) will be sent on the same day (provided this is a working day). In case of ordering after that time, it will be sent the next working day. Remember that if you select payment by bank transfer the delivery time will start to count after receive the payment confirmation.

    Orders placed by selecting the DHL Express shipping option must be received before 1:00pm (UTC+1) in order to be processed on the same day. In case of we receive an order through this mode after that time, it will be sent the next working day .

    The transport costs will be shown in the order detail after entering the delivery address, depending on its weight and the place of delivery.

    Below we show the shipping options depending on the delivery area. These terms are a reference, being able to vary depending on the logistics warehouse work load, incidents in the transport or due to force majeure.

    Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands)

    • Express 10: Delivery before 10am the next day (not available in the Balearic Islands).
    • Express 14: Delivery before 2pm the next day.
    • GLS: Delivery before 20h the next day.
    • SEUR (DPD Group): Delivery before 20h the next day.
    • SEUR Pickup: Delivery for pickup in 24/48h in more than 1,600 points of convenience.
    • Correos Express: Enter before 8pm the next day.
    • Delivery at Correos office: Delivery for pick up in 24/48h at the Correos office closest to your home.

    Free shipping for orders over € 79 (taxes not included) for the shipping methods: GLS, Seur (DPD Group) and Correos Express.

    Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

    • GLS: Delivery in 24-48h.
    • GLS Economy: Delivery in 2-5 days.
    • Seur Canarias Aéreo: Delivery in 2-5 days.
    • Correos Express Canarias: Delivery in 7-10 days by maritime transport.

    Shipments will be made through Incoterm DAP.

    Portugal (Peninsula)

    • Express 14: Delivery before 2pm the next day.
    • GLS: Delivery in 24/48 hours.
    • SEUR (DPD Group): Delivery in 24/48 hours.
    • SEUR Pickup: Delivery for pickup in 24 / 48h in more than 1,600 points of convenience.
    • DHL: Delivery in 24 hours through Express service.

    Free shipping for orders over € 79 (taxes not included) for the shipping methods: GLS and Seur (DPD Group).

    Other countries of the European Union

    • GLS: Delivery between 2 and 5 days, depending on the country of destination.
    • DPD Group: Delivery between 2 and 5 days, depending on the country of destination.
    • DHL Express: Air shipment with delivery time between 24h.

    The estimated transits for land shipments to Europe, both by GLS and by DPD Group, are the following: 

    2-3 days: France and Germany.
    3-4 days: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
    4-5 days: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
    5-6 days: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, Norway and Hungary.
    6-10 days: Bosnia and Serbia.

    Rest of the world

    • DHL Express: Air shipment with delivery time between 24h and 5 days, depending on the destination. Shipments will be made through Incoterm DAP.
      Filament2Print shipping countries

    If you wish to place an order of more than 30 kg for a non-European country, contact us to request a personalized shipping quote.

    Frequently asked questions about shipping


    How can I track my order?

    Once your order has been sent, you will receive an email with the code and tracking link of the carrier company.

    If you have registered as a user, in the section My account You will find your order history, as well as the real-time evolution of your processing status and your tracking number (once it has been sent).


    Why has not it been possible to deliver my package?

    There are two main reasons why the package may not have arrived:

    • Wrong address: Check that the address entered during the purchase process is correct.
    • Unsuccessful delivery attempts: Our logistics providers make up to three delivery attempts. In case of repeated unsuccessful delivery attempts, the order will be returned to our facilities.


    Can I change my shipping address?

    If the order has already been sent, you should contact the carrier directly and, using the tracking code that we provide, make the necessary arrangements, if possible.


    Should I be home at the time of delivery?

    Yes, although you can contact directly with the transport company with the tracking number that we provide you and agree on another delivery method. You can authorize an establishment or neighbor located less than 200 meters from the shipping address to receive it, at a point of convenience of the carrier's network, or pick it up directly in its corresponding delegation (only valid for Spain).


    How much time do I have to pick up an order delivered at a point of convenience?

    Orders sent to points of convenience (Seur PickUp or Delivery at Correos office) will be available for collection during 5 days. Otherwise the package will be returned to our facilities and a new shipment must be made by the customer.


    Why is it necessary to enter a contact number to place an order?

    A contact telephone is requested to ensure communication with the customer, both during the reception of an order, as well as for any problem that arose during its delivery.


    What should I do if the received package is damaged?

    Upon receiving an order, you must immediately examine if the shipment presents any damage or damage. In case of detecting any damage at the time of delivery must be recorded on the delivery note provided by the carrier so that the company processed the incident, not being able to process an incident a posteriori. Damages that may have occurred during transport and can not be examined externally will be communicated to us in writing within a maximum of 24 working hours from the reception of the order.


    What does it mean that the shipments are made through Incoterm DAP?

    Incoterm DAP (Delivered At Place) is a logistic term that implies that the seller assumes all costs and risks of the shipment until delivery to the customer, except for expenses and documentation requested at the customs office of destination, which will be paid by the customer.

    Seller's responsibility:

     Basic insurance

     Payment of export taxes

     Transport and unloading at the export terminal

     Charges for boarding in the export terminal

     Air transport to the import terminal

     Charges for disembarkation in the import terminal

     Loading in the import terminal

     Transportation to the destination

    Customer responsibility:

     Additional insurance

     Customs charges (tariffs and management)

     Import tax

    In this way, the shipping costs applied to the order do not include in any case the customs expenses (if any). These expenses are variable and depend on each country of destination, so they must be paid by the client (in countries of destination not belonging to the European Union or areas with special fiscal restrictions). Consult your customs entity about these expenses, depending on the HS Code of the merchandise. In the event that a package is stopped at customs, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to pay the taxes and customs duties applied to the order. Filament2Print does not take charge of the cost of the customs, nor of the delay that in the same ones could be caused to the delivery of the package. The return of an order due to this cause will not be accepted, except error made by Filament2Print.

    Incoterm DAP