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Replacement hotends for Raise3D printers.

Replacement Hotends for the Raise Pro2, Raise Pro2 Plus and Raise E2 Raise E2CF and Raise Pro3 printers

Hotend for Raise Pro2

The Raise Pro2 and Raise Pro2 Plus printers have a double direct extruder with electronically driven retractable hotends. The Raise Pro2 Hotend is the original All-Metal Hotend that comes as standard with the Raise Pro2 and Raise Pro2 Plus printers and is compatible with both the right and left extruder.

Raise Extrusor

Image 1: Double extruder of the Raise Pro2. Source: Raise

This hotend includes a high quality machined stainless steel heatbreak, an aluminium heater block and heatsink, a 0.4 brass nozzle and a silicone sleeve to protect the parts from radiant heat and improve the thermal stability of the block.

Hotend pro2

Image 2: Hotend for Raise Pro2. Source: Raise

Hotend for Raise E2

Raise's E2 printer features an innovative IDEX dual extruder system that allows not only to print parts on two materials, but also to print two parts simultaneously in dual or mirror mode. This system requires a different hotend for each of the extruders. The original Raise E2 Hotend is available in two different versions, one compatible with the right extruder and one with the left extruder.

E2 Idex

Image 3: IDEX extruder of the Raise E2. Source: Raise

Both versions include all the components of the original assembly: a high quality stainless steel machined heatbreak, an aluminium heating block, a 0.4 brass nozzle, a heating cartridge and a thermistor.

Hotend Raise E2

Image 4: Hotends for Raise E2. Source: Raise

Hotend for Raise N2

The Raise N2 3D printer has a double extruder. The Hotend for Raise N2 is compatible for both the right and left extruder.

This hotend is composed of high quality parts and includes a 0.4 mm brass nozzle.

The Raise N-series 3D printer hotend is compatible with Raise 3D silicone hotend sleeves, which protects the surface of the parts during the printing process and improves the thermal stability of the block.

Hotend para Raise N2

Image 5: Hotend for Raise N2. Source: Raise 3D.

Hotend for Raise Pro3

The Raise Pro3 printer has a double direct extruder with retractable hotends by electronic drive. The Pro3 hotends reach a maximum printing temperature of 300ºC.

Raise Pro3 Series Dual Extruder with Retractable Heads

Image 6: Raise Pro3 Series Dual Extruder with Retractable Heads. Source: Raise 3D.

The Raise Pro3 hotends are very easy to replace as they do not require the use of additional tools. This can also be very useful when locating issues such as filament jams.

Video 1: How to replace the hotends of the Pro3. Source: Raise 3D

Hotend for Raise E2CF

Like the Raise3D E2 model, the E2CF 3D printer also features the IDEX dual extruder system, which allows the user to print with two different materials or in mirror mode. These options allow the user to manufacture complex parts, whether they are prototypes or fully functional final parts.

Raise E2CF 3D Printer IDEX Dual Extruder

Image 7: Raise E2CF 3D Printer IDEX Dual Extruder. Source: Raise 3D.

Since there are two extruders in the E2CF 3D printer, each one requires a different hotend: one for the left extruder and one for the right.

The left and right hotend of the Raise E2CF

Image 8: The left and right hotend of the Raise E2CF. Source: Raise 3D.

Thanks to Raise3D's original replacement hotends, the user can replace the hotends of his 3D printer if necessary. In this way, you can get the most out of your computer.

To replace the hotends it is recommended to follow carefully the guides available in the download tab. Each time the hotend is replaced, it is recommended to calibrate the PID and adjust the height of the printing platform.

Manufacturer Raise3D
Type Direct Dual
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.40 mm
Maximum printing temperature 300 ºC
HS Code 8477.9080


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