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Filament feeding tube for Raise3D printers.

The PTFE tubing used in 3D printers to guide the filament from the spool to the hotend is key to proper printing. This tubing ensures a smooth, unobstructed flow of filament during the printing process, thus improving the final quality of parts printed on Raise3D printers.

A lower coefficient of friction means greater responsiveness, the need for lower retractions, more accurate prints and less extruder stress and wear, which translates into less likelihood of clogging, also largely due to the precise internal tolerances.

Compatibility (series)SKU RAISE3DEANProduct description Raise3DREFERENCE
N & Pro2 [S]5.14.00105 6970240721543 Filament Guiding Tube RAISE-FIL-FEEDING-TUBE-PRO2
Pro3 [S]5.11.14002A01 6970240724087 Guide Tube RAISE-FIL-FEEDING-TUBE-PRO3
E2CF [S]5.11.12011A01 6970240724292 E2CF Harden Filament Feeding Tube RAISE-FIL-FEEDING-TUBE-E2CF
Table 1: Compatibility of different tubes with the Raise3D printer series. Source: Raise3D.


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