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3D scanners allow objects of different sizes to be analysed to gather data on their geometry to create a mesh that is used to build three-dimensional digital models.

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3D scanners for professional use require certain features to enable adequate workflows and powerful software to speed up the process without compromising the quality of the result.

Currently, several types of professional 3D scanners can be found. One of the most commonly used classifications differentiates between desktop 3D scanners and handheld 3D scanners. The use of professional 3D scanners today is increasingly common in various sectors such as automotive, archaeology, architecture or engineering, but they are also used in film and video game production.

Desktop 3D scanners

Desktop scanners can scan the visible sides of objects. In some cases, such as the EinScan SE or EinScan SP, they also offer the possibility of 360° scanning thanks to their turntable and allow the scanning of small and medium-sized objects.

The desktop scanners in this category are based on structured light, one of today's most widely used technologies, and offer high resolution with maximum accuracy.

Thanks to their safe and easy use, these desktop scanners can be safely used in educational environments without the need for additional security measures.

Handheld 3D scanners

Also based on structured light, handheld 3D scanners can be found in this category. These professional 3D scanners do not have a stand or tripod to keep them steady during scanning, but must be held by the user, who must move around until the desired object is completely scanned.

There are handheld 3D scanners aimed at scanning small parts, such as the Calibry Mini, and others developed for scanning large parts, such as the Calibry 3D scanner, which can scan objects up to 1000 x 1000 x 1000 cm, capturing even the smallest details in large objects.