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Using dry 3D printing filament is absolutely crucial for a correct extrusion and optimal print quality. Filament dryers are professional devices used that remove moisture from 3D printing filament, ensuring better print quality and reducing the risk of printing defects.

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Even though filaments can be dried at home using various methods such as placing them in a low-temperature oven, using a food dehydrator, or utilizing DIY filament dry boxes with desiccants, these methods are not always accurate or beneficial. Filament drying (especially when it comes to hygroscopic or advanced filaments) requires precise control over temperature and humidity levels to avoid overheating or damaging the filament. Additionally, household ovens and dehydrators may not provide uniform heat distribution, leading to inconsistent drying results.

Professional-grade filament dryers offer more precise control and optimal conditions for drying filament effectively, ensuring better print quality and reducing the risk of printing defects. Standalone filament dryers, unlike printer-specific or brand-restricted peripheral drying units or inbuilt drying units, often offer large drying capacity and more precise control over the drying parameters.

Our offer of filament dryers is varied and includes compact dryers for only one spool, large dryers for up to 4 spools of filament, with capacity for 1 kg spools as well as spools as big as 5 kg, and compatibility with various filament diameters. All the filament dryers are compatible with most filaments and FDM 3D printers available on the market and offer direct feeding out of the drying chamber into a 3D printer. The most commonly used drying methods are with the help of renewable desiccant or via heated air circulation.