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Allows the correct flow of filament into the nozzle of the Raise3D Pro2 and Pro3 series printers.

The throat teflon tube has a length of 5 cm and is a crucial element in both the Pro2 and Pro3 series for the extrusion system, facilitating the smooth passage of the filament to the nozzle, avoiding the accumulation of residues that can end up leading to carbon deposits and subsequent clogging. Therefore, this consumable is key for the correct linear and uniform extrusion.

Compatibility (series)SKU RAISE3DEANProduct description Raise3DREFERENCE 
Pro3 S]5.02.24012A01 6942267301237 Teflon Tube Pro3 (2 in a pack) RAISE-TEFLON-THROAT-PRO3
Pro2 [S]5.02.05061A01 6970240722397 Pro Teflon Throat tube RAISE-TEFLON-THROAT-PRO2
Table 1: Compatibility of Teflon tubing with the Raise3D printer series. Source: Raise3D.


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