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  • ABS Basic 

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    ABS Basic filament stands out for its economic price and high quality. Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter and in a wide variety of colors.

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    ABS is the most used material in the industry

    ABS is an engineering plastic formed by acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, the acronym of the three words that give it its name. The set of these three blocks makes the ABS is a plastic of great use in many industries, such as the automobile or in common use products (toys, appliance housings, etc.). As a result of its widespread use in the industry, this material was among the first to be used in 3D printing together with the PLA.

    Its high mechanical properties are achieved thanks to the sum of the three blocks that form it. Acrylonitrile provides hardness, resistance to high temperatures, chemical resistance and rigidity. The butadiene block, as an elastomer, provides tenacity in any temperature range, preventing the ABS from becoming brittle in cold environments. Finally, styrene provides more rigidity and mechanical strength.

    Another advantage that ABS has is the ease with which it can be post-processed, being able to be sanded, painted, glued or mechanized directly.

    ABS Basic: The most economical option

    From Filament2print we emphasize the reliability of our products and the quality control of them, that's why our ABS Basic is aimed at users who are looking for a cheap or economical ABS and at the same time with a standard quality.

    It is available in diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and in 14 colors. The coils are of 1 kg format and we have a high availability of stock in all colors and diameters. Contrary to many plastics at low prices and very low quality imported from Asian manufacturers, our ABS Basic is manufactured in Europe, with European quality standards, so it is the ABS filament with one of the most price-quality relationships adjusted market