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In the workflow of 3D printer users there are certain times when challenges or difficulties arise that require the use of other devices. These peripheral devices can improve the manufacturing process or add functionality and enhancements that complement the work done by a 3D printer.

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Complement the manufacturing process with new functionalities

A user who engages in 3D printing in a professional manner can expand their manufacturing range and thus access new markets with the use of devices that allow other types of work to be carried out, such as thermoforming, the production of moulds or the manufacture of customised filaments, among others.

Devices such as thermoforming machines extend the manufacturing capacities by allowing the creation of customised moulds. Thanks to this type of device, rapid prototypes can be made or a series of prototypes with small variations can be produced in a record time. As far as filament creation, there is a wide range of shredders, extruders and spoolers available on the market that create user-friendly and affordable ecosystems for plastic recycling and upcycling

Devices that enhance the capabilities of 3D printers

With advanced use of 3D printers, users may require certain devices to enhance their printer's functionality, performance or security.

Peripheral devices for 3D printing include filament dryers, which significantly improve the performance of FDM 3D printing materials that have been exposed to wet conditions. Also useful are air purifiers, perfect for users who use advanced filaments that release harmful gases.

In addition to these types of peripheral devices, this category also includes devices that can turn almost any 3D FDM printer into a multi-material 3D printer, expanding manufacturing capabilities and allowing the use of multiple filaments in single extruder 3D printers.