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Very high quality filament manufactured in Europe by Fillamentum. Guarantees a high precision of the dimensions (tolerance and roundness)without any impurities, and color standardization according to RAL and Pantone codes.

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ABS: a versatile and industrial material

ABS, a plastic formed by acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, is called an engineering plastic because it is a material with a level of difficulty of elaboration and processing greater than common plastics. This material is also called terpolymer because it consists of three monomers (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene) that are used for its production. The acrylonitrile monomer provides hardness, resistance to high temperatures, resistance to chemicals and rigidity. Butadiene offers tenacity to temperature, especially when it is low and impact resistance. Finally, the styrene monomer provides more rigidity and mechanical strength. The set of these three blocks makes the ABS is a plastic of great use in many industries, such as the automobile or in common use products (toys, appliance housings, etc.). As a result of its widespread use in the industry, this material was among the first to be used in 3D printing together with the PLA.

In addition to its good mechanical properties, ABS can be easily machined, polished, drilled, glued or painted without the use of special tools or products.

ABS Premium: Quality at a glance

The filaments of the ABS Premium range are manufactured by Fillamentum in Europe, which is one of the most recognized manufacturers worldwide. The Premium filament guarantees a high precision of the dimensions (Tolerance and roundness) and without any impurities. All the coils guarantee the standardization of colors according to RAL and Pantone codes. Another aspect that reflects the great quality at a glance is the perfect winding which avoids problems during printing due to overlaps.

Premium ABS filaments are available in a wide variety of formats with 750 g or 2.5 kg coils and available in more than 10 colors.