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Tanks and key tools to obtain the maximum performance and effectiveness of resin 3D printers type SLA, DLP, LED-LCD and LFS.

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Key parts of resin 3D printers: Tanks and platforms

Both the resin tank and the building platform are very important elements of 3D resin printers. The resin tank is not only responsible for containing the resin, but also must have at its base a non-stick sheet, which does not stick the piece during manufacturing, and in turn let the laser pass without causing any disturbance about him. At the moment that this sheet presents certain wear, the tank must be changed to avoid fabrication errors and solid residues of resin, which can contaminate the rest of the liquid resin. Manufacturing platforms usually have a longer life than resin tanks, as long as they are used correctly and following the manufacturer's recommendations, especially when extracting the parts.

Essential tools for 3D resin printing

To carry out all the processes involved in printing 3D resin pieces, a series of tools is needed.

The IPA alcohol is the indispensable product to work with any type of 3D resin printer. This liquid is used in the most important operations, such as cleaning the build platform, cleaning the resin tank and, above all, removing the non-solidified resin from the surface of the piece. For this process it is recommended to have two containers with IPA alcohol, the first to remove the surface resin that has not completely solidified and the second to make a rinse. Other important elements are the Novus 1 and the PEC*PAC wipes, which help keep all parts of the 3D resin printer clean, especially key areas such as the element through which the laser is projected (glass, LCD, etc.).