Pellets and coloring 

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Pellets are being used more and more in 3D printing. Whether for the in-house production of filaments of different polymers and colours with a filament extruder such as Filastruder, or for direct feeding of a 3D printer by combining the material with a pellet extruder.

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The use of pellets contributes to material cost savings and offers the possibility to create unique filaments. It also makes it possible to produce filaments with customised colours when using pellet dyes.

Pellets from basic materials

Among the basic material pellets, you can find the most commonly used materials in 3D printing, such as PLA pellets, PETG pellets or ABS pellets, among others. These materials are the most used by users of FDM 3D printers either for their ease of printing, such as PLA, or for their mechanical properties, such as ABS.

This category also includes a series of technical pellets based on PLA, PETG or ABS with a carbon fibre filler, which gives the material rigidity, strength and exceptional dimensional stability.

In addition to all these materials, it is possible to find pellets with specific properties such as ABS MDT pellets. An ABS-based material developed to be detected by a magnetic detector even in cases where the amount of material is very small.

Advanced material pellets

Among the pellets in our catalogue, you can find different materials from the PAEK family. The materials belonging to this class are semi-crystalline plastics, which withstand high temperatures (around 200 ºC) while maintaining high mechanical strength values, and are considered advanced materials.

Among these materials are PEEK pellets, PEKK pellets or PEI pellets, as well as variants of these materials filled with fillers. All of them have high mechanical strength, chemical resistance and high temperature flammability. Due to the difficulty of processing, this material is recommended for experienced users.