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  • How can I pay for my order?

    You can choose between several payment methods:

    • Credit / debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express): Upon completion of your order you will be redirected to the Redsys payment platform, which will receive your confidential data directly in an encrypted form.
    • Paypal: If you have a Paypal account you can make your payment immediately, simply by entering your email and password. The transaction is made from the Paypal payment platform in an encrypted form.
    • Bank transfer: If you choose this form of payment, at the end of your order we will provide you with our bank account so you can make the transfer. It is very important that you indicate the reference of the order as the concept of the operation, as it will facilitate us to locate the payment and associate it with your order. To expedite your order, we recommend that you send us the proof of the transfer by email to  info@filament2print.com.
    • Paga+Tarde: We finance your purchase through the platform Paga+Tarde (only available for Spain).


    Can I finance my order?

    * Financing only valid for Spanish territory

    Proceso de compra con Paga+Tarde

    Buy now, pay later

    Defers payment of your order at the time in monthly installments with your debit card. Choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 monthly installments (TAE maximum of 25%) to facilitate payment. Plus Paga+Tarde notifies you in advance of the charge of fees so you have to not worry about anything.

    Finance your purchase only in 3 steps

    1. Selected as payment method at the end of the buying process option "Paga + Tarde".
    2. Enter your personal and your debit card data. Choose the number of monthly installments and wait a few seconds for your application to be processed by Paga+Tarde and whether it has authorized the financing of the purchase.
    3. Purchase complete. The first installment shall be charged immediately on your card and other fees will be pending for the following months.

    Finally you receive your order and enjoy your purchase!

    FAQs of Paga+Tarde

    Do I need to register to use Paga+Tarde?

    Do not. Paga+Tarde is a system that provides a direct and fast service. No need to spend a registration process to benefit from the service.

    Where do I find the Paga+Tarde button?

    You can find the Paga+Tarde button in the payment page, with Paypal, Bank Card or Bank Transfer.

    Who can buy with Paga+Tarde?

    Any buyer who is of age and has a debit card.

    What is the rate (T.A.E) credit?

    The T.A.E. You may range up T.A.E. 25%.

    Can I cancel a purchase made with Paga+Tarde? How do I get a refund money?

    Of course! Paga+Tarde is no different from other payment. You can cancel your purchase under the current conditions and we'll refund the payment process.

    Can I forward my outstanding payments?

    Of course! You can forward your outstanding payments, and consequently will reduce the end to pay interest. All automatically and without complications.

    Why you can only be paid with debit card?

    Paga+Tarde, as Affiliate Member of Visa and MasterCard, meets its Operating Regulations that do not allow credit payments through a credit card.


    If you still have any doubt about payment through the system you Paga+Tarde you can resolve on the phone (+34) 93 117 37 75 or on the website pagamastarde.com