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One of the key elements to be able to control the extrusion during printing on Raise3D printers. 

The motors of the extruders are responsible for controlling the correct movement of the respective axes, as for example in the case of Z which makes it possible to move the threaded screw, allowing a precise vertical movement. In the case of X and Y they allow the printhead to be moved to the exact position at any given moment. The extrusion motors are responsible for controlling the feed of the filament into the hotend, providing the precise and constant feed force on the filament during printing. 

In addition, elements such as the motor bearing is a key element in providing support and stability to the motor, allowing smooth, vibration-free operation during printing. 

Compatibility (series)SKU RAISE3DEANProduct description Raise3DREFERENCE 
E2 & E2CF [S]5.08.07018A01 6970240722908 E2 Extruder Motor RAISE-MOTOR-E2
E2 & E2CF [S]5.08.07012A02 6970240722892 E2 Z-Axis Leadscrew Motor RAISE-MOTOR-E2-Z-AXIS
E2 & E2CF [S]5.08.07011A02 6970240727521 E2 X Axis Motor RAISE-MOTOR-E2-X-AXIS
E2 & E2CF [S]5.08.07002A01 6970240727507 E2 X Motor Bearing RAISE-MOTOR-E2-X-BEARING
Pro2 [S]5.08.05009A01 6970240721741 Pro2 Steering Engine RAISE-MOTOR-PRO2-STEERING
All printers [S]5.08.00112 6970240721000 XY Axis Motor RAISE-MOTOR-XY-AXIS
N & Pro2 & Pro3 [S]5.08.00111 6970240721017 Z Axis Motor RAISE-MOTOR-PRO23-Z-AXIS
Pro3 [S] 6970240723875 Steering engine With Cylindrical Gear RAISE-MOTOR-PRO3-STEERING
Table 1: Compatibility of different engine types with the Raise3D printer series. Source: Raise3D.


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