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The parts made in 3D printing with FDM technology usually have a rough finish due to the height of the printed layers themselves. Today there are many solutions to achieve incredible finishes in all your 3D printed pieces.

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Before post-processing

Before making a post-processing of any kind, some recommendation should be taken into account. In the case of working with a piece that has support material, it must be ensured that this material has been completely removed, thoroughly reviewing areas of difficult access. On the other hand, it is very important to know the type of material of the piece, since this will condition the products that can be used and the temperatures of the post-processing tools. Finally, the pieces must be free of grease, dust or any other type of dirt, as it will affect the surface finish, especially when applying chemical products, such as resins or coatings.

Choose the right post-processing product

Within this category you can find certain tools that facilitate a large number of operations. The ultrasonic cutting tool allows to cut any piece made by 3D FDM printing with extreme ease, precision and without damaging the surface. The work tools by temperature allow to remove supports and touch up any part of a piece, regardless of the geometry, since they have a great variety of tips.

To obtain high quality surface finishes, there are specific products. To repair or prepare pieces for a later painting it is recommended to use XTC-3D type resins, an epoxy coating valid for any type of material, which can also be sanded and painted. Other widely used products are coatings, which are applied directly on the surface of the piece, getting smooth finishes (matt or gloss) or waterproofing the pieces.

The union of pieces every time is a process more common inside the 3D printing, since it allows to realize elements of big size with the union of different pieces. The adhesion of different pieces, even of different materials, is possible thanks to specific glues for 3D printing. It is recommended to consult the information of each product to find out the best solution.