Terms of use and purchase

These legal conditions govern the use and purchase conditions of filament2print.com website (hereinafter "Web", "Website" or "Filament2print"), owned by Dativic  S.L..


1.1. In accordance with Law 34/2002 of July 11 and other applicable legislation we hereby inform you that this web filament2print.com is owned by the entity with corporate name Dativic. S.L. and C.I.F ESB70460423.

1.2. This entity has its registered office in Polígono Industrial Porto do Molle Nave 7A, 36350 – Nigrán (Pontevedra),España.

1.3. You can contact the company at the phone number 0034 886 317 697 or email address [email protected].

1.4. Unless expressly stated otherwise, communications with Dativic S.L. they may be made by regular mail at the address or by email. The company will contact the user via email, at the address in its possession or will be provided in this regard.

1.5. The General Conditions described below regulate the conditions of use and access to the Web by any visitor (hereinafter "User") and the hiring of the products offered on the Website (hereinafter " product "or" Products ") by any User through the web Site (" Customer "). The use or access to this website implies that you acknowledge having read and understood these legal conditions of use, and agree to comply in full.

1.6. Users of the website to acquire the status of clients and therefore acquire the products, they must complete a form of identification and registration, accepting the General Conditions and all this following the instructions will be receiving through the site itself Web.


2.1. Dativic S.L. reserves the right to modify at any time, unilaterally and without prior notice to users, content, structure, operation or access conditions of this website.

2.2. However, web users are aware and accept that some of the information contained in it may be incorrect, incomplete or outdated be, or contain typographical errors. In addition Dativic S.L. in case of mediation if only it assumes responsibility for Spanish language content, because the content in the other languages is an automatic translation and not completely revised.

2.3. Also Dativic S.L. reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, access to this website for maintenance, renovation, improvement or repair.

2.4. It is forbidden to the user to use this website for sending, transmission or publication of any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, propagandistic, scandalous, obscene, pornographic or other material that could give rise to civil liability or criminal in accordance with applicable law, these facts of that in any case the user is responsible.

2.5. In general can only use this website natural and legal persons with legal capacity in accordance with applicable law. Exceptionally may use the site under age who have previously obtained the permission of their parents or guardians, which will be responsible for using the minor charge of the Website.


3.1. Customer and the User of  Dativic S.L. undertake to make appropriate and lawful use of the Website in accordance with applicable law and these General Conditions.

3.2. It is prohibited to misuse the Web. Customer and / or User shall not, among others:

  1. Commit crimes, or encourage others to do so.
  2. Enter or distribute computer viruses, hang offensive or obscene material.
  3. Pirating aspects of the Web service.
  4. Corrupt data displayed on the Web.
  5. Send unsolicited advertising or promotional materials ( "spam").

3.3. Dativic S.L. will not be responsible for the fact that the Website is not available at some point.

3.4. The website may also contain links to other Web sites that are not operated by Dativic S.L. Dativic S.L. has no control over other websites and is not responsible for the content thereof or for any damages that may make you for using them. While reserves the right to remove such links if by any means be known that in the linked site any irregularity or illegality committed.

3.5. Dativic S.L. assumes no obligation or commitment to verify or monitor the content and information entered by users.

3.6. In any case, the user must always provide accurate information that can not lead to any confusion and correct identification data, and never supplanting others or on their behalf.

3.7. Our materials and products they may be used by users at their own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, hereby we disclaim any and all liability, risk, liability and damages arising out of any death or personal injury arising from the use of our products and materials. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Dativic S.L.  not responsible for the consequences and damages that may result from improper use of products sold through the Web.


4.1. The use and access to the Web by the User and/or Customer implies acceptance of these General Conditions.

4.2. The Customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions in the hiring process.

4.3. Dativic S.L. not be held responsible for not temporary compliance with these Terms and Conditions in case of force majeure and in case of failure or unpredictable usurious made by a person outside the contract.

 4.4. The Customer and/or User agrees to fill out order forms and any other forms, according to the instructions and truthfulness. Customer also agrees to pay the price of the product, including taxes and shipping costs always agree with the final offer received from Dativic S.L.


5.1. Dativic S.L. provides a description of the products included in the Website in accordance with the technical descriptions from manufacturers and suppliers in general. It also includes information relating to trade names, trademarks or logos of products to provide maximum information to the user.

5.2. Please read the descriptions of the products before deciding to purchase. Pictures shown may differ slightly from the final product. Faced with a question, please contact us before purchase.


6.1. All orders are subject to acceptance. Within the following completion of the order 24 hours email you our confirmation that the contract has been concluded (hereinafter "Order Confirmation"), provided that you have given us your email address in your personal data form. Order Confirmation will include confirmation prior express consent of the Customer and will be informed of the loss of the right of withdrawal, where appropriate.

6.2. Given the exceptional circumstances in which no we could send any of the products of your order, we would proceed to replace this by one of identical or superior characteristics, notifying this fact by e-mail and noting on your order of change made. In case of doubt or unavailability of replacement deduct the product of your order and proceed with shipping as well as repayment of unshipped product.

6.3. The deadline to cancel or modify an order ends at the time the order status becomes as "Sent". Since that time the order will have been transferred to the carrier for shipment, and the purchase will have become a sales contract which both parties are subject to compliance; the user as the recipient of the goods, and the Web as a seller, with the shipping and service conditions contained in these conditions.

6.4. Products respect a  current Spanish legislation. Dativic S.L will not be responsible if this does not match the law of the country where the product delivery is made. It is your responsibility to request information from local authorities about the possibilities of import and / or use of the products ordered.


7.1. You can cancel an order free of charge before it begins its phase of "Preparation process" in our store, or its status has been updated to "Order in process" in the case of products ordered on demand. If at the moment of delivery to the customer decides to reject it, you must bear the transport costs generated by shipping.

7.2. Extension of order. You can add items in an order provided has not been sent. The customer will pay for the result of the modification amount.

7.3. Elimination of items. You can delete items in an order as long as I have not been sent or it is in the "Order in process" status.

7.4. In the event of changes in the order, may result in a modification of the total amount, which is subject to an additional charge of shipping in the case of not reaching the minimum stipulated, as well as the elimination of those costs if the total amount is equal to or greater than the minimum specified in the web.


8.1. In the process of hiring the User accept the total price when you press the button "Pay".

8.2. The prices of products may vary but in no case affect orders that had already sent the Order Confirmation.

8.3. Dativic S.L. reserves the right to collect the order from the Order Confirmation.

8.4. The sales prices of the products shown on the Website are shown whit and  without VAT, if the customer lives in the European Union must pay the Spanish VAT unless that the customer validate a VAT Number (VIES) recorded in the process purchase. For customers outside the European Union will always be final prices without Spanish VAT.


9.1. Filament2print offer several different forms of payment, detailed on Payment and financing page.

9.2. For any order whose amount exceeds scale set by Dativic S.L. you are prompted to user identification and proof of address must send the email instructed.


10.1. Filament2print will deliver your Products to the delivery address indicated on your personal data form.

10.2. It is understood for hours and hours and days working days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. If for any reason attributable to Filament2print this period is exceeded, we notify the client the incidence and propose alternative solutions.

10.3. The estimated delivery date will be the result of the sum of the availability of the item shown on the web within the file for each product as well as the delivery, depending on the service of transport. This date may be altered if there's a problem with the products as well as during the shuttle. In either case, a solution for the customer will be sought.

10.4. Once you have paid the order, you can not change the shuttle.

10.5. Customer agrees that he or other designated person are at the address indicated to receive the package. Our logistics providers make up to three delivery attempts. In case of repeated unsuccessful delivery attempts, the order will be returned to our facilities, with the consequent return to Customer payment made less shipping charges or return.

10.6.- The risk of the Products will be transmitted at the time you acquire the material possession of the product.

10.7. Filament2print ship to any country. Shipping costs vary depending on order. Depend on four factors: weight, volume, shipping location and the amount of purchase.

10.8. Shipping costs are not included in the price of products, but are added during purchase and are itemized in the summary of it. Certain products may cause additional shipping costs due to logistical peculiarities and insured shipments. Different types of shipping are displayed on page Shipping and delivery according to country of destination.

10.9. As to changes in delivery address, if the order has already been sent, you should contact the carrier directly and, using the tracking code that we provide, make the necessary arrangements, if possible.

10.10. All times mentioned, with respect to processing, shipments and deliveries are just a reference to be taken into account as such, may vary depending on the workload of the logistics warehouse, incidents occurring in transport or due to force majeure.

10.11. Upon receiving an order, you must immediately examine if the shipment presents any damage or damage. In case of detecting any damage at the time of delivery should be recorded on the delivery note provided by the carrier so that the company processed the incident, not being able to process an incident a posteriori. Damages that may have occurred during transport and can not be examined externally will be notified to us in writing within a maximum period of 24 working hours from the reception of the order.

10.12. Shipments to destinations outside the European Union are made through the DAP mode (more information on the Shipping and Delivery page). In this way, the shipping costs applied to the order do not include in any case the customs expenses (if exists) or the possible import management costs of the customs agent himself. These expenses are variable and depend on each country of destination, so they must be paid by the client (in countries of destination not belonging to the European Union or areas with special fiscal restrictions). Accepting these conditions of purchase at the time of confirmation of an order, the customer agrees to pay these costs. It is possible to consult with the customs entity of the territory the amount of the expenses according to the HS Code of the merchandise (available on the invoice). It will be the buyer's responsibility to pay the taxes and customs duties that apply to the order. Filament2Print does not take charge of the cost of the customs, nor of the delay that in the same ones could be caused to the delivery of the package. The return of an order due to this cause will not be accepted, except error made by Filament2Print. In case of rejection of the import quotas and tariff expenses necessary to make the delivery of the order, the transport company will return the merchandise to origin, generating extra costs (return shipping, DUA export ...) that will be assumed by the customer , discounting those amounts of the refund issued once the refund has been processed.

10.13. During the COVID-19 crisis, carriers will only make a single delivery attempt, so it is advisable to enter a shipping address where order picking can be guaranteed. Filament2Print will not bear the cost of resending the order after a return to our facilities due to inability to deliver. These expenses will be assumed by the client (both those of the return of the merchandise to our facilities and those of a re-shipment of the order).


11.1. All Products offered by Filament2print are covered by the legally established warranty. We undertake to repair the product (if possible), replace it with a new one, or issue the corresponding refund if any of your Products suffer from a manufacturing defect within the corresponding legal warranty period, although the proof of the defect must be provided as stipulated in section 11.5. In this case, all return costs of the Product and shipping of the new Product or the repaired one are covered by Filament2print. In the case of 3D printers sold in kit form (i.e., requiring assembly), it should be clarified that this article refers to manufacturing defects of any component, excluding defects or problems derived from its assembly by the customer.

11.2. Unless proven otherwise, delivery is considered to have been made on the day indicated on the invoice or delivery note, if this is later.

11.3. To enforce the warranty, the proof of purchase must be presented within the legal period established.

11.4. The consumer must report any lack of conformity of the Product within one month from when they became aware of it by email.

11.5. Unless proven otherwise, it will be presumed that the lack of conformity that manifests within one month after the delivery of the Product already existed when it was delivered, except when this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the Product or the nature of the lack of conformity.

11.6. The Products are in conformity with the contract, and therefore, Filament2print shall not be liable for lack of conformity when the Products included on the Website:

  1. Conform to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of the Product that the seller has presented.
  2. Are suitable for the uses for which products of the same type are ordinarily intended.
  3. Are suitable for any special use required by the consumer and user when they have informed the seller at the time of entering into the contract.
  4. Possess the quality and performance of a Product of the same type that the consumer and user can reasonably expect, given the nature of the Product.

11.7. Likewise, Filament2print shall not be liable for lack of conformity that the Customer was aware of or could not have been unaware of at the time of entering into the contract.

11.8. The Customer may demand the repair of the Product, its replacement, a price reduction, or the termination of the contract if the Product does not conform to the contract. The right to demand compliance with the above shall expire 3 years from the delivery of the Product.

11.9. The price reduction will be proportional to the difference between the value that the Product would have had at the time of delivery.

11.10. The warranty does not include damages caused by negligence, impacts, improper use or handling, improper storage, inappropriate voltage, electrical accidents, installation and/or use not in accordance with the instructions for use or not carried out by the authorized technical service when applicable, nor perishable materials or Products subject to wear and tear from normal use or consumables. Filament2Print will not be liable for any costs of damages or loss of profit incurred by the Customer.

11.11. The following are excluded from the warranty:

  1. Products that have been modified or repaired by the Customer or by anyone other than the supplier or manufacturer.
  2. Products that have been used contrary to the instructions of the product.
  3. If the warranty data of the Product or the proof of purchase has been modified or altered.
  4. Goods that may deteriorate or expire rapidly.
  5. Any other good if the Customer does not have proof of purchase.

11.12. Thus, we may decide, at our discretion, not to repair or replace the Product or refund the amount paid and/or request the reimbursement of all transportation and inspection costs incurred according to the current standard rates. To carry out said reimbursement, we may charge the mentioned costs to your credit or debit card account or use the payment details provided when placing the Order. To the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, or expenses that may result from the process.

11.13. The customer will bear any shipping costs if it is necessary to send the equipment for evaluation by Filament2Print or the manufacturer. In the event that, following this evaluation, the warranty is applicable either for repair or replacement of the equipment, these costs will be reimbursed to the customer. Shipping to the Filament2Print or manufacturer's facilities will require prior authorization from Filament2Print.

11.14. Warranty claims will not be made as a means for the Customer to obtain training on the product or any type of information related to the use of the product, as such services are not related to the warranty and charges may apply for such services.


12.1. A product can be returned, provided it has not been used and is in perfect condition, in accordance with current legislation within 14 calendar days from the day of receipt. The products must be in perfect condition and will be accompanied by the corresponding proof of purchase.

12.2. It must be taken into account that there are certain products that, due to their characteristics, can not be returned, as in the case of unsealed consumables. Due to the impossibility of checking the use, electronic components can not be returned or changed. Neither can the products requested on demand and made to order be returned.

12.3. You can request a refund through the customer's user account in Filament2print.com, accessing the order history and selecting the order you wish to return partially or totally, explaining the reason for the return request. You can also request a refund by communicating it writing by email to [email protected].

12.4. Or customer service will assess if the reason for the return request meets the return conditions and will contact the customer to continue with the process. If the return is accepted, the customer service will assign a return number and request the shipment of the goods to our facilities.

12.5. The cost of shipping the products subject to return must be borne by the customer (unless the return is due to a damaged product has been received, or the delivery of a wrong product, cases in which the return costs will run by Filament2Print). The customer can send the products through their own means or request Filament2Print to manage the transport of the return. In this case, the customer will be informed of the cost of transport, which will be deducted from the final refund amount.

12.6. When we receive the product(s) in our warehouse and it is verified that they meet the return conditions, the amount of the merchandise will be refunded within 14 calendar days following the receipt of the merchandise by the same payment method selected when making the purchase. (If the payment has been made by transfer, we will ask the customer for their bank details to proceed with the refund).

12.7. After reviewing the products to be returned, Filament2print reserves the right to reject the return in case the above conditions are not met.

12.8. If you have enjoyed the promotion of free shipping for orders through the website, and provided that the return is not due to causes attributable to Filament2Print, the amount to be reimbursed will be deducted from the value of the original shipment of the order.

12.9. As proof of the refund, we will issue the corresponding rectifying invoice with your details and the indication of the item that is paid and the reference of the order to which it corresponds.

12.10. The amounts paid for customs clearance or customs duties will not be reimbursed. These fees are imposed by the corresponding Administration and do not depend on Filament2Print.

12.11. If you wish to change a purchased item for a different item available in the Filament2Print catalog, you must return the product in question and place a new order requesting the desired new product, in the case of two independent processes.

12.12. The non-payment of the import duties and import charges necessary to deliver the order to the customer's address will not constitute a valid reason for return. If the customer refuses to pay the amount required by the carrier to deliver the order, the costs of returning the order to our facilities will be borne by the customer, subtracting said amount from the refund of the goods. In case the amount of the merchandise of the order was not sufficient for the payment of said managements, Filament2Print reserves the right to demand the payment of the necessary amount to the client.


13.1. Do not share your personal information: Filament2print.com will never send an email or call you by phone to ask you to disclose or verify your password Filament2print.com account or your bank account numbers or credit card data or other personal information. If someone contact you or receive an unsolicited email that you ask any of the above data, do not answer and communicate it immediately to Filament2print.com so we can proceed with the investigation of the incident.

13.2. Identify fake emails (Attempted "spoofing" or "phishing"): Ignore any email you receive in which you requested personal information or redirect you to another website than Filament2print.com, or you are prompted to pay off Filament2print.com as it could be an attempt impersonation ('spoofing') or 'phishing' and should consider fraudulent. Filament2print use "@filament2print.com" endings for emails. If you receive an email in a different format, you can be sure it's a fake mail. Some phishing emails contain links to practice web sites that use the word "filament2print" in the URL, but that will direct you to a completely different website. If you move the mouse over the link, you can view the associated URL, you will probably have a different authentic in the linked websites Filament2print format. If still you click on an email phishing practice and you are redirected to a page that looks like "Your profile" or to anyone who asks you to verify or modify your personal information, ignore it and Consider it as fraudulent.

13.3. Protect Your Password: Passwords are case sensitive, and it is advisable that contain a minimum of six characters. If you add numbers or special characters, you allow your password harder to obtain or guess. If you use a public computer (in libraries, internet cafés, etc.) always remember to close your session in Filament2print.com once you're done.