Raise3D filament run-out sensor


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Raise3D's optical end-of-filament sensor is a key element in achieving successful prints.

The optical end-of-filament sensor function automatically stops printing when no filament is detected, providing print assurance by preventing print failures due to missing filament.

The Raise3D end-of-filament sensor

Image 1: The Raise3D end-of-filament sensor. Source: Raise3D.
Compatibility (serie)SKU RAISE3DEANProduct description Raise3DREFERENCE 
Pro3 [S] 6970240723929 Left Filament Run-Out Sensor RAISE-FIL-RUN-OUT-SENS-P3-L
Pro3 [S] 6970240723936 Right Filament Run-Out Sensor RAISE-FIL-RUN-OUT-SENS-P3-R
Pro2 [S] 6970240722502 Pro2 Filament Run-out Sensor RAISE-FIL-RUN-OUT-SENS-P2
N [S] 6970240721864 Filament Run-Out Sensor RAISE-FIL-RUN-OUT-SENS-N
Table 1: Filament sensor compatibility with Raise3D printer series. Source: Raise3D.


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