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Extruder for Raise3D Pro2 and Pro3 series.

The extruder for the Raise3D Pro2 Dual series, which allows printing with two filaments simultaneously, is the key element for the correct traction of the filament towards the nozzle. While in the Raise3D Pro3 series, as there are two independent heads, they are supplied separately. It should be noted that the hotend is not included, only the extruder.

Compatibility (series)SKU RAISE3DEANProduct description Raise3DREFERENCE 
Pro2 [S]5.02.05035A02 6970240721673 Pro2 Dual Extruder RAISE-EXTRUD-PRO2-DUAL
Pro3 [S] 6970240724018 Right Extruder (Without Hot End) RAISE-EXTRUD-PRO3-RIGHT-WO-HOT
Pro3 [S] 6970240724001 Left Extruder (Without Hot End) RAISE-EXTRUD-PRO3-LEFT-WO-HOT
Table 1: Compatibility of the different extruders with the Raise3D printer series. Source: Raise3D.


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