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General parts of FDM / FFF 3D printers and E3D brand extras like nozzle spanner and nozzle covers.

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Why it is key to have spare parts

The user of a 3D printer must take into account that certain parts have wear and that accidents that interrupt the manufacture of parts may occur.

For the above reason, it is advisable to have some spare parts, which are inexpensive and take up little space. One of them are the axial and radial fans. Axial fans, as a rule, are used in 3D FDM printers to cool the HotEnd diffuser. In the event that it malfunctions or breaks, it will continually cause jams and failed prints. The radial fan is usually used as a layer fan, a key element for making high quality pieces with materials such as PLA. In case of breakage or malfunction, the parts will have a poor surface finish or even an unacceptable geometric deviation.

If you have 3D printers that use the HotEnd system type v6, it is highly recommended to purchase a spare part of the heater cartridge and one of the thermistor cartridge, since the connection of the cable with the element itself is in continuous movement during printing, being able to break after many hours of operation.

Extras that improve the 3D printer and its handling

In the section of extras you can find elements that help the correct handling of the 3D printer, such as the Olsson Nozzle Tool, a tool designed specifically to change nozzles. This tool allows to remove the nozzle with great comfort and install it with the right and necessary tightening without damaging any element of the HotEnd.

In this category also appears some kit to improve the functioning of the 3D printer, such as the PT100 Upgrade Kit. This kit, easy to install, allows to increase the extrusion temperature up to 400 ºC, enough temperature to use virtually all filaments available in the world of 3D FDM printing.