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Industrial resin 3D printing with Nexa3D XiP

In order to break the barrier to its application in industrial manufacturing, resin 3D printing has had overcome various limitations, such as scarcity of materials or slow printing speeds. Nexa3D excels in both aspects with the ultrafast open-materials XiP desktop 3D printer and an ample portfolio of professional 3D printing resins.
News  ene 18, 2023

How to maintain the biocompatibility of a material when processing it

There are numerous certified biocompatible 3D printing materials, especially resins, available on the market. But the certified biocompatibility of a material does not mean a 3D printed piece will have the same properties. To ensure certified biocompatibility of the end product, contamination must be avoided by using specialized equipment, and the adequate certifications must be obtained the manufacturer.
News  nov 14, 2022

3D printing technologies in education, fundamentals and advantages of each one.

Printing 3D models develops skills that involve students in the process, getting them to adapt to change and to solve mistakes. In this way, learning is not only based on observation, but learning by printing files that you create yourself. There are different types of 3D printing technologies and depending on the needs of the students, some will be more suitable than others.
News  nov 2, 2022

Positioning in SLS 3D printing

In SLS 3D printing, the position of the part influences the quality of the part. For best results, completely overlapping layers with large interconnected surfaces should be avoided. Openings and details should be oriented upwards, moving parts in the XY plane, flat surfaces and solid blocks at 45° in all axes to avoid heat build-up.
News  oct 19, 2022

Top 5 free laminating software

Laminating is a key process in FDM 3D printing. In this article you can find a selection of the 5 most used free lamination software recommended by FDM 3D printer users today.
News  oct 5, 2022

Problems due to incorrect positioning of the filament spool

To avoid problems when 3D printing, it should be taken into account that a possible source of failure may be the poor position of the spool and its path to the extruder. Therefore, in order to facilitate the work of the extruder, the minimum tensile strength of the filament should be sought.
News  sep 28, 2022

3D printing with supports

In order to be able to print in 3D FFF each layer on top of the previous one, it is usual to use printed support structures that serve as a support base for the previous elements. These structures are known as supports and in this post we will see each type, their configuration parameters and the problems that soluble supports can present.
Materials  ago 31, 2022

Most common mechanical problems in FDM 3D printers

There are a number of mechanical problems in FFF 3D printers that can appear and need to be checked, that's why in this post we explain the most common mechanical problems and, in some cases, how to avoid or solve them.
Tips  ago 24, 2022
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