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    Discover the latest news, tips and tricks about 3D printing. We continually analyze and test new products and materials, in order to ensure the traceability and quality of our entire catalog, and we share our conclusions and experience.

    Common roblems and solutions in 3D printing

    When using 3D printers (FFF / FDM), problems and unforeseen events (especially in non-professional 3D printers) may occur when printing the models that the user needs. This causes nuisance, delays and other inconveniences that the user of the 3D printer does not want to happen. Thus, this article proceeds to give a series of tips to solve these typical problems.
    Tips  ene 15, 2020

    How to create a 3D printing profile

    In 3D printing there is always a series of factors that depend on the user, which often cause a print to be satisfactory or failed. All factors are collected in the print profile that each user uses in each 3D print.
    Tips  dic 18, 2019

    How to chrome plastics

    The appearance of new materials, such as PC-ABS has revolutionized 3D FDM printing and not only because it is a material with high mechanical properties and resistance to adverse environments, but also because it is one of the most used plastics when it comes to Get excellent surface chrome.
    Tips  dic 3, 2019

    Pauses in 3D printing: inserts and color changes

    When a user of a 3D FDM printer reaches average knowledge, he seeks to increase the complexity of his printed pieces, both in terms of functionality and finishing. Here are a series of tips to increase the performance of a 3D printer thanks to the programmed stoppages and metal inserts.
    Tips  nov 20, 2019

    The importance of the type of infill in 3D printing

    In this post we talk about how the infill can affect the properties of the piece you want to obtain, and we give you advice on how to choose the best filling for your print.
    Tips  nov 4, 2019

    New advanced search

    Sometimes, choosing the most suitable material for a given application is a complex decision that depends on a multitude of variables and requirements. To facilitate this selection, we have developed a new advanced search engine on our website, which allows filtering based on almost 40 properties.
    News  oct 30, 2019

    Types and applications of resins for 3D printers

    3D resin printing has evolved in the same way as 3D FDM printing, until it is available to all types of users. This new movement through the use of 3D resin printers has led to the development of a wide range of resins, with very varied properties and applications.
    Tips  oct 23, 2019

    Expert tips to create 3D prints

    Designing has never been so easy, thanks to the introduction of the use of 3D printing technology. If you can imagine, you can create as you imagined. This technology has allowed significant progress and reduce costs in a multitude of sectors such as construction, automotive and medicine.
    News  oct 16, 2019
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