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    Discover the latest news, tips and tricks about 3D printing. We continually analyze and test new products and materials, in order to ensure the traceability and quality of our entire catalog, and we share our conclusions and experience.

    3D Printing to fight against the COVID-19

    Faced with the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19, great initiatives and solutions are emerging from solidarity and innovation, especially to alleviate the shortage of medical equipment and personal protective equipment. To make it easier to find and download files, we have compiled a collection of devices and designs that can be printed with any 3D FDM printer.
    News  abr 2, 2020   1

    How to make a mask using 3D printing

    Faced with this emergency situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Copper3D, manufacturer of the PLActive filament, has shared the design of a mask, a basic protection equipment whose stock is currently very low, for printing on practically any printer. 3D FDM.
    News  mar 20, 2020   69

    Information and protocol to challenge the coronavirus COVID-19

    Due to the current exceptional situation and the challenge of containing the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have put in place various security measures in order to prioritize and guarantee the health of our equipment. The processing and dispatch of shipments will be carried out normally.
    News  mar 12, 2020

    Accuracy, precision and tolerance in 3D printing

    The fact that a 3D printer has "high resolution" among its specifications does not mean that all 3D printed parts will be accurate and precise. Understanding the meaning of accuracy, precision and tolerance is essential to achieve a good result in any 3D printing. Below we detail what each of these terms means in the context of 3D printing.
    News  feb 26, 2020

    How to make a 3D printed lithophane

    A lithophane is a three-dimensional image with different thicknesses that cause the opacity of each of its parts to vary by projecting light on it, achieving a very showy and original result. 3D printing makes this technique much more accessible, and allows you to easily create a lithophane.
    Tips  feb 12, 2020

    The importance of the layer fan

    When talking about the functional parts of an FDM 3D printer, the layer fan is one of the most important components that can be found. A 3D printer usually has two fans in the HotEnd area, one in charge of cooling the HotEnd diffuser and another that cools the material that comes out of the nozzle. In this article we will talk about the latter, the layer fan.
    Tips  ene 29, 2020

    Common problems and solutions in 3D printing

    When using 3D printers (FFF / FDM), problems and unforeseen events (especially in non-professional 3D printers) may occur when printing the models that the user needs. This causes nuisance, delays and other inconveniences that the user of the 3D printer does not want to happen. Thus, this article proceeds to give a series of tips to solve these typical problems.
    Tips  ene 15, 2020   8

    How to create a 3D printing profile

    In 3D printing there is always a series of factors that depend on the user, which often cause a print to be satisfactory or failed. All factors are collected in the print profile that each user uses in each 3D print.
    Tips  dic 18, 2019   2
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