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    Discover the latest news, tips and tricks about 3D printing. We continually analyze and test new products and materials, in order to ensure the traceability and quality of our entire catalog, sharing our conclusions and our experience.

    5 innovative materials for FDM 3D printing

    Compilation of the 5 most innovative and original materials for FDM 3D printing today, either for specific properties or for offering a differentiated finish.
    News  abr 5, 2021

    3D printing to repopulate coral reefs

    A research team from the University of Hong Kong is developing a system of 3D printed structures made from sustainable materials to aid coral reef replenishment.
    News  mar 29, 2021

    PP3D, a filament with great medical and dental potential

    Recreus PP3D filament is a material with great potential for medical and dental applications, providing the opportunity for these sectors to manufacture their own resources tailored to their needs.
    News  mar 22, 2021

    IdeaMaker, a powerful and simple laminator

    IdeaMaker, the powerful laminator developed by Raise 3D, expands its options by allowing the application of textures to model surfaces via a 2D image.
    News  mar 17, 2021

    PolyTerra: An ecofriendly PLA filament

    Polymaker has opted for the development of a more environmentally friendly filament, taking care of every detail to create a sustainable and high quality product: PolyTerra.
    News  mar 9, 2021

    Soluble filaments for support

    Nowadays it is possible to find a multitude of soluble filaments for support, however it can often be difficult to choose the most suitable one. In this post we explain the different alternatives available and how to select the most suitable one.
    Materials  mar 1, 2021

    E-ring, a 3D printed device for glucose monitoring

    Scientists at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens have developed a 3D printed device for patient-friendly and non-invasive glucose monitoring.
    News  feb 22, 2021

    10 reasons to choose desktop SLS 3D printing

    SLS 3D printing technology is currently the most advanced. We give you 10 reasons to bet on it.
    News  feb 17, 2021
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