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    Discover the latest news, tips and tricks about 3D printing. We continually analyze and test new products and materials, in order to ensure the traceability and quality of our entire catalog, sharing our conclusions and our experience.

    How to calculate the cost of 3D printed parts printed with SLS technology?

    As with other 3D printing technologies, in SLS 3D printing it is crucial to know what the printing costs will be for each 3D printed part. This article explains how to know the approximate costs of 3D printing with the SLS 3D printers Sinterit Lisa and Sinterit Lisa Pro.
    News  jun 15, 2021

    PPprint and the manufacture of 3D printed polypropylene parts with FDM technology

    Polypropylene (PP) is one of today's most valued plastic materials, but offers certain difficulties when it comes to 3D printing. PPprint offers a range of products to optimise the process of 3D printing parts from this material.
    Materials  jun 8, 2021

    Metal filaments: Filamet and Ultrafuse

    Ultrafuse and Filamet are the metallic filament ranges from renowned manufacturers BASF and The Virtual Foundry. We analyse the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these materials.
    News  jun 1, 2021

    3D scanners

    In this post we will make a small introduction to the world of 3D scanners. We will explain what types there are, how they work and how to get from the point cloud to the final digital model.
    News  may 25, 2021

    What the use of 3D printers brings to the classroom

    The use of 3D printers and other devices in the educational environment makes it possible for students to carry out different projects and activities that reinforce their STEAM skills, learning in a practical way through entertainment.
    News  may 18, 2021

    Successful case of SLS technology implementation at Rawlplug

    Desktop SLS technology 3D printers such as Lisa or Lisa Pro from Sinterit have been a revolution. These 3D printers are affordable and offer high quality, ease of use and compact size. Companies such as Rawlplug have embraced the use of this technology to improve their workflows.
    News  may 11, 2021

    Snapmaker 2.0, the ultimate solution

    Snapmaker 2.0 is the new version of Snapmaker Original and consists of a multifunctional machine that combines 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving and CNC machining, allowing to combine different manufacturing methods for the creation of prototypes or final projects.
    News  abr 26, 2021

    Z-ULTRAT: beyond ABS

    Z-ULTRAT is one of the innovative materials developed by Zortrax. This blend of ABS and PC has a lot to offer both in the manufacture of functional prototypes and in the production of final parts.
    Materials  abr 20, 2021
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