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High-speed 3D printing

Recently, the concept of high-speed FFF 3D printing has become very popular with the launch of the Hyper FFF kit for Raise3D's Pro3 series, followed by high-speed print features on the Bambu Lab X1, Ankermake M5, Prusa MK4 and Creality K1. Are these promises of up to 5 times faster print speeds without compromising on quality realistic?
News  may 2, 2023

Shrinkage of parts in 3D printing and Warping

During printing, high-temperature extruded plastic undergoes volume shrinkage due to cooling. In some materials such as PLA this shrinkage is very low (between 0.3 % and 0.5 %), so it is not usually problematic, however other materials such as nylon 12 can have up to 2 % shrinkage or in the case of PVDF even up to 4 %, causing significant deformations in the parts.
News  abr 26, 2023

Small details and thin walls. Limitations of FDM technology

When designing and preparing parts for 3D printing it is very important to take into account the resolution limit of our equipment. It is advisable to avoid elements with a smaller size, as the printing quality of these elements will be very low and in many cases, the laminating software itself will omit them.
News  abr 19, 2023

3D printing temperatures and optimisation

The printing temperature of a given filament depends not only on the type of material, but also on the printing conditions. Printing speed, nozzle diameter, extruder type or the distance between the extruder and the hotend have a considerable influence on the optimum printing temperature
News  abr 12, 2023

Thermistors and thermocouples. Types and common problems

Thermistors are the most common and simplest sensor to implement, as they are connected directly to the printer board, while thermocouples are composed of a bimetallic junction that varies its conductivity depending on the temperature. This post explains the types on the market and the common problems with these sensors.
News  abr 5, 2023

Speeds and accelerations in 3D printing

This post explains the importance of a correct configuration of the speed and acceleration parameters in 3D printing, in addition, the three parameters that define the speeds and accelerations in the movement of a FFF 3D printer for each of the 4 axes are mentioned and the most common elements on which the printing speed can be modified are explained.
News  mar 29, 2023

Basic settings and maintenance of a resin 3D printer

LED-LCD-based resin 3D printers are significantly simpler than other technologies such as FDM or SLS. However, they also require regular calibration and maintenance.
News  mar 22, 2023

3D printing with composite materials. What to have in mind

Filaments are often enriched with fibers or particles to achieve better thermo-mechanical, aesthetic or advanced specific properties. Fiber-reinforced filaments are abrasive, may be more brittle, may have different warpage and adhesion behaviors, and may require altered printing speed and temperature. All of these must be taken into account when choosing and maintaining printing equipment.
News  mar 15, 2023
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