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    Discover the latest news, tips and tricks about 3D printing. We continually analyze and test new products and materials, in order to ensure the traceability and quality of our entire catalog, and we share our conclusions and experience.

    Advanced resins for 3D printing

    In recent years, the emergence of advanced resins has made 3D resin printing a viable option in many industrial and professional applications, not only in the fields of dentistry and jewellery, but also in medicine.
    News  sep 23, 2020

    Resin 3D Printers: SLA, DLP and LED-LCD

    Resin 3D printers have been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to the emergence of new technologies that have reduced their cost and increased printing speed. Today there are three main technologies: SLA, DLP and LED-LCD. In this post we will explain what each one consists of and which are its advantages and disadvantages.
    News  sep 10, 2020

    Characteristics and manufacturing guidelines of Filamet ™ metallic filaments

    Guidelines, characteristics and properties of Filamet filaments from The Virtual Foundry to achieve all-metal parts through 3D FDM printing.
    News  ago 27, 2020

    Case Study: Nylon AF80

    Tomas Feřtek, a research engineer at the Institute of Geology, has used 3D printing to produce mechanical sensor mounts, sensor bodies, and motors for high-pressure chambers; using Fillamentum Nylon AF80 filament.
    Materials  ago 19, 2020

    How to print in 3D on several colors or materials with only one extruder?

    Many users of 3D printing with FDM technology have asked this question at some point. Most desktop FDM 3D printers have only one extruder, so the user "loses" the option of combining several filaments; for example when printing complex parts using one construction filament and one support filament or in case the part requires to integrate several colors.
    News  ago 4, 2020

    3D printing in fashion

    3D printed fashion ranges from dresses to accessories to shoes. 3D printing has been a before and after in the fashion industry; and its application has been increasing in recent years. 3D modeling and additive manufacturing have brought numerous advantages to the creative process, being used for both prototyping and final part production.
    News  jul 29, 2020

    3D printing in jewelry

    Jewelry making has always been a traditional process, supported by different technological advances. To date, no technological advance has had as much impact on the jewelry industry as 3D printing or additive manufacturing.
    News  jul 23, 2020

    How to choose the correct hotend

    Currently there are several hotel options on the market, as well as different spare parts and accessories for each of them. With so many options, it can be difficult to select and configure the most suitable option for each user or application. In this post we explain what a hotend consists of and how to select the most suitable one.
    Tips  jul 6, 2020   2
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