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The Raise3D component and printer protections ensure the correct stability of the components and printers.

Raise3D protection products include different components and parts for the various Raise3D printer series. These include sheet metal side panels, extruder covers, hinges, top covers, spool holders, etc. These parts play important roles in the structure, protection and operation of the printers. These parts play important roles in the structure, protection and operation of the printers. Each product is designed for its specific model, ensuring proper integration and optimal performance.

Compatibility (series)SKU RAISE3DEANRaise3D Product DescriptionREFERENCE
E2CF [S]5.03.12004A01 6970240724278 E2CF Right Side Panel Of Sheet Metal RAISE-COVER-SHEET-MET-E2CF-RIGHT
E2CF [S]5.03.12003A01 6970240724261 E2CF Left Side Panel Of Sheet Metal RAISE-COVER-SHEET-MET-E2CF-LEFT
E2 [S]5.03.07008A02 6970240723257 E2 Right Side Panel Of Sheet Metal RAISE-COVER-SHEET-MET-E2-RIGHT
E2 [S]5.03.07007A02 6970240723240 E2 Left Side Panel Of Sheet Metal RAISE-COVER-SHEET-MET-E2-LEFT
E2 & E2CF [S]5.03.07004A03 6970240723264 E2 Rear Assembly RAISE-COVER-E2.E2CF-REAR-ASS
Pro2 [S]5.03.00114 6970240721994 Pro2 Left Metal Bottom Handle  RAISE-COVER-PRO2-LEFT-MET-HANDLE
Pro2 & Pro3 [S]5.03.00111A01 6970240728795 Sheet Metal Of Filament Holder RAISE-COVER-PRO23-SHET-METFILHOL
E2 & E2CF [S]5.02.07032A01 6970240722786 E2 Door Handle RAISE-COVER-E2.E2CF-DOOR-HANDLE
Pro2 [S]5.02.06013A02 6970240721819 Pro2 Filament Run-out Cover RAISE-COVER-PRO2-RUN-OUT
Pro2 [S]5.02.05023A02 6970240721987 Pro2 Bottom Bracing Tube - Perfil de refuerzo inferior para pro2 RAISE-COVER-PRO2-BOT-BRACING-TUB
N & Pro2 & Pro3 [S]5.02.00101 6970240722069 Filament Holder RAISE-COVER-PRO23-FIL-HOLDER
Pro3 [S]5.01.14005A01 6970240724094 Top Acrylic Lid RAISE-COVER-PRO3-TOP-ACRYLIC
Pro3 [S]5.01.14002A01 6970240724124 Top Cover RAISE-COVER-PRO3-TOP
E2CF [S]5.01.12060A01 6970240724223 E2CF Right Extruder Cover RAISE-COVER-E2CF-EXTRUDER-RIGHT
E2CF [S]5.01.12059A01 6970240724216 E2CF Left Extruder Cover RAISE-COVER-E2CF-EXTRUDER-LEFT
E2CF [S]5.01.12003A01 6970240724193 E2CF Front Cover RAISE-COVER-E2CF-FRONTAL
E2 [S]5.01.07060A03 6970240723349 E2 Right Extruder Cover RAISE-COVER-E2-EXTRUDER-RIGHT
E2 [S]5.01.07059A03 6970240723332 E2 Left Extruder Cover RAISE-COVER-E2-EXTRUDER-LEFT
E2 & E2CF [S]5.01.07058A01 6970240723288 E2 Metal Hinge RAISE-COVER-E2.E2CD-MET-HINGER
E2 [S]5.01.07046A01 6970240722755 E2 Filament Box Cover Right RAISE-COVER-E2-FIL-BOX-RIGHT
E2 [S]5.01.07023A01 6970240722748 E2 Front Cover RAISE-COVER-E2-FRONTAL
E2 [S]5.01.07019A01 6970240722731 E2 Filament Box Cover Left RAISE-COVER-E2-FIL-BOX-LEFT
E2 [S]5.01.07018A01 6970240722724 E2 Filament Box RAISE-COVER-E2-FIL-BOX
E2 [S]5.01.07016A01 6970240722717 E2 Hinged Lid RAISE-COVER-E2-HINGED-LID
E2 [S]5.01.07013A01 6970240722700 E2 Front Door Back Panel RAISE-COVER-E2-BACK-DOOR-PAN
E2 [S]5.01.07012A01 6970240722694 E2 Front Door Front Panel RAISE-COVER-E2-FRONT-DOOR-PAN
Pro2 [S]5.01.05014A01 6970240722281 Pro2 Plus Door RAISE-COVER-PRO2PLUS-DOOR
N & Pro2 [S]5.01.05009A01 6970240721550 Top Cover RAISE-COVER-PRO2-TOP-ACRYLIC
Pro2 [S]5.01.05008A01 6970240722298 Pro2 Door RAISE-COVER-PRO2-DOOR
Pro2 & Pro3 [S]5.01.05005A01 6970240728825 Pro2 Right Side Panel RAISE-COVER-PRO23-RIGHT-PANEL
N & Pro2 [S]5.01.00123 6970240722526 Plastic Hinge, Black RAISE-COVER-PRO2-PLASTIC-HINGE
Pro2 [S]5.01.00113 6970240722014 Pro2 Right Plastic Fastening for Bottom Brim RAISE-COVER-PRO2-RIGHT-FAST-BRIM
Pro2 & Pro3 [S]5.01.00111 6970240721970 Pro2 Black Plastic Bottom Brim RAISE-COVER-PRO23-BLACK-BOT-BRIM
Pro2 [S]5.01.00110 6970240721963 Pro2 Black Plastic Top Brim RAISE-COVER-PRO2-TOP-BOTT-BRIM
Pro3 [S] 6970240727781 Interchangeable Hot End Handle Assembly RAISE-COVER-PRO3-HANDLE-HOTEND
E2 [S] 6970240722601 E2 Spool Rollers   RAISE-COVER-E2-SPOOL-ROLLER
Table 1: Compatibility of the various protection elements with the Raise3D printer series. Source: Raise3D.


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