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Resins with specific properties such as biocompatibility, developed for specialized applications in the medical and dental sector.

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Dental Resins

The dental sector always requires products with high precision and a high surface finish. Previously, generic elements and tools were used for all patients, taking up a lot of time in easy operations. For this reason, large manufacturers of SLA technology 3D printers such as FormLabs or HarzLabs have developed specific products for this sector: Dental resins.

Dental resins are specialised materials for the dental field, where the use of this type of technology is increasingly present. Thanks to these resins it is possible to make models of crowns and bridges, surgical guides, splints and retainers with incredible accuracy and with very low material costs for each element, much lower than those caused by traditional methods. This, together with the speed and possibility of manufacturing a personalised model adapted to each patient, makes dental resins an innovative product in the dental sector.

Medical Resins

Medical resins are advanced medical grade materials specifically developed for use in a wide variety of health care applications, such as those requiring contact with the patient's skin and/or mucous membrane.

With the use of these resins, strong and functional parts can be produced that are also biocompatible. Moreover, parts made of these materials are compatible with the most common sterilisation techniques.