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  • PLA Basic 

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    PLA Basic filament stands out for its economic price and high quality. Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameter and in a wide variety of colors.

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    The PLA is the easiest filament to print.

    PLA (Polyacid lactic acid) is a biodegradable plastic obtained from natural resources, specifically from starch extracted from corn, beet and wheat. It was the first to be used in 3D printing at the domestic level because it does not emit any odor or noxious gas.

    The PLA is the filament most used in non-industrial areas for its great ease of printing. They are usually printed at low temperatures (between 190 and 220ºC) and no hot base is needed, although if it is available it is advisable to use it at a temperature of 60ºC. The ease of use derives mainly from the non-appearance of warping (warping effect of the pieces with respect to the very common base). The few technical requirements allow it to be printed on practically the total number of 3D printers in the market.

    The pieces printed with PLA remain with a glossy finish which makes it a good material for aesthetic pieces and decoration, as well as for the realization of non-functional prototypes.

    PLA Basic: The most economical option

    From Filament2print we put emphasis on the reliability of our products and the quality control of them, that's why our PLA Basic is oriented to users looking for a cheap or enonomic PLA and at the same time with a standard quality.

    It is available in diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and in 13 colors. The coils are of 1 kg format and we have a high availability of stock in all colors and diameters. Contrary to many plastics at reduced prices and very low quality imported from Asian manufacturers, our PLA Basic is manufactured in Europe, with European quality standards, so it is the PLA filament with one of the most price-quality relationships adjusted market.