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Advanced materials developed for industrial applications that require certain properties such as resistance to high temperatures, rigidity, flexibility or hardness among others..

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Functional parts thanks to advanced resins

Many industries think that 3D printing is not valid for creating functional and high quality parts, but they are really wrong, especially thanks to 3D resin printers (SLA) and engineering resins.

Within engineering resins there are different options to meet all kinds of demands generated by the industry. You can find materials such as Grey Pro Resin, which combines very good mechanical properties, high geometric accuracy and good surface finish. Also available are resins with high temperature resistance (290ºC), which with their low thermal expansion and high modulus of traction can be used to print models for environmental tests, moulds and masters for casting and thermoforming operations in a much faster, more economical and even more precise way than with conventional methods.

Flexible, elastic or burnable materials

Within the engineering resins, flexible and elastic materials can be found, such as FormLabs Flexible and Elastic resin.

These materials are suitable for printing flexible parts, which need to be bent or compressed for the correct functioning of the model; or elastic parts, which need to recover their initial shape after being stretched or compressed. These materials show a low traction module and a high elongation, suitable properties for printing shock-absorbing elements, packaging, flexible or ergonomic parts.

Among the engineering resins we can also find castable resins. These materials are the help every jeweller needs to make his creations directly from a 3D design. From a CAD software you can print the desired design and after a few hours you can have the prototype to make the casting directly. These resins combine the qualities for a quality casting: high dimensional precision, great finish, wax-like appearance and low cost.