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In the daily life of every 3D printer user there are certain tools that are indispensable to facilitate the use of the printer, as well as to carry out maintenance both to avoid failures (preventive maintenance) and to make repairs (corrective maintenance). 

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Advantages of the tools

Having a series of tools allows any user to keep their 3D printer fully operational and often help in operations that must be performed on a day-to-day basis.

Tools such as cutting pliers or precision pliers, are of great help to make a change of filament and remove excess material after the purge. When carrying out the maintenance of a 3D printer it is recommended to have certain tools (Allen keys, pliers, spanner...) to be able to operate on all the elements quickly and safely.

Although it is not of vital importance, the tools of measure like the caliber of measurement or the gauges of thicknesses, are very useful to verify that the pieces realizar show the wished measurements. These tools are also convenient for adjusting elements of the 3D printer itself, such as leveling the base.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

As with any type of machine, the 3D printers have maintenance to ensure that their operation is always optimal and to make the most of the time available to each user when making the parts he wants.
The time intervals and how to carry out preventive maintenance are explained by the manufacturer in the 3D printer's manual. Every user should take into account that carrying out preventive maintenance correctly avoids most of the problems that occur during 3D printing. In the event that repairs are required, the manufacturer's manual should also be consulted or a specialist should be contacted, as a bad repair can lead to the complete breakdown of the 3D printer.