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Helps to avoid defects in final parts by keeping the filament in optimal printing conditions.

The Raise3D Filament Drying Case ([S]5.01.12012A01) is a reliable and efficient solution for keeping your filament in optimal condition once the spool is opened from its original packaging. Designed specifically for 3D printing filament, this box provides a controlled, low humidity environment that helps prevent moisture absorption and ensures quality printing.

The Raise3D Drying Case features a robust, airtight design that prevents moisture ingress and protects the filament from ambient humidity. It also offers precise control of temperature and humidity, keeping the filament at its ideal moisture level for consistent results.

Video 1: The Raise3D filament drying box. Source: Raise3D.

The design of the case allows the spool to rotate with virtually no resistance to the extruder motor, significantly increasing the life of the extruder. The case can be positioned vertically or horizontally during printing. In two of the inner corners of the case there is a container for silica bags to keep the humidity inside the case under control.

With the Raise3D drying box, you can prolong the life of your filaments and minimise the problems associated with humidity, such as nozzle clogging and poor print quality. 


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