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Standard resins focused on the printing of non-functional prototypes, models and figures, obtaining high resolution prints and with good surface finish.

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What is the standard resin

It is usually called standard resin that resin is used in a 3D resin printer to manufacture pieces oriented to a generic use. This type of resins have a good surface finish and moderate mechanical properties. Within this category you can find resins with properties similar to ABS (zABS), resins for making really fast prints (zUDP) or even resins that allow you to create the color that the user wants.

Uses of standard resin

Standard resins are often used to obtain prototypes of high surface and dimensional quality quickly and efficiently. Thanks to these prototypes, people in charge of developing new products can check the measurements and functionality of their parts before manufacturing the final product. With these resins can also be manufactured end pieces, such as figures or models, that do not need to support large mechanical loads but that can be post-processed easily. For all the aforementioned, it is not strange to see why industry fields, such as architecture or certain sectors of fashion, use these resins for their projects.