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The nozzles exist in different sizes and materials to suit every type of 3D printing, brass nozzle for conventional filaments, hardened steel nozzle for filaments that have fibers and stainless steel nozzle for longer nozzle durability.

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Recommendations for selecting the right nozzle

If conventional materials are used, such as PLA or ABS and intermediate-sized pieces, the ideal is to use a Brass Nozzle 0.40 mm. If you want to make small parts with a lot of detail, we recommend a Brass Nozzle 0.25 mm and, for the opposite case, for large pieces, a Brass Nozzle 0.8 mm. In the case of using abrasive materials containing fibers, such as PLA Carbon Fiber, a hardened steel Nozzle of 0.50 mm should be used, never smaller in diameter to avoid clogging in the extruder. If long 3D prints are made with very abrasive materials, the recommended nozzle is the Olsson Ruby. Finally, if you want to use approved materials for contact with skin and food, the only compatible nozzle to maintain this quality is a 0.40 mm Stainless Steel Nozzle. For small and very detailed parts, we recommend a 0.25 mm Stainless Steel Nozzle and, for the opposite case, a 0.8 mm Stainless Steel Nozzle for large pieces.