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  • Flexfill TPU 

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    Flexfill 98A TPU 3D filament (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), a flexible material with a certain elasticity, harder than the Filaflex-TPE.

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    What is the TPU

    The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a thermoplastic, more specifically a linear elastomeric polymer belonging to the family of polyurethanes. This material is characterized by its high resistance to abrasion, to certain chemical elements, to UV rays and to low temperatures. This set of properties makes the use of the TPU widespread throughout the industry.

    This engineering plastic is used in applications that require high resistance to wear and abrasion, such as parts protection, parts with good shock absorption, resistance to chemical elements (grease, oils, oxygen and ozone) or UV resistance. Thanks to all the set of TPU properties they get this thermoplastic to be used in countless sectors.

    Flexfill: Elastic pieces in a simple way

    The Flexfill 98A is a filament similar in behavior to the TPE (FilaFlex) but has greater rigidity. This increased rigidity makes it easier to print on 3D printers that do not have an appropriate type of extruder to print very flexible filaments (TPE), such as bowden extruders or extruders that have an inadequate distance between the filament thrust pinion and the nozzle

    Besides this filament in comparison with materials type TPE, shows greater resistance to the abrasion, greater resistance to the rays UV, better elastic properties in conditions of low temperature and has a greater resolution of impressesion that the TPE so it is more indicated for pieces techniques that need greater accuracy.