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Engineering grade flexible ESD safe filament with chemical resistance.

While electrostatic discharge is a fairly harmless phenomenon for humans in day to day life, it can have dire consequences for electronics, and pose an even higher threat in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres. Plastic is naturally insulating, which is why there are numerous ESD safe filaments available on the market, created by modifying a polymer to have electrically conductive and thus dissipative properties. One of them is the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament by 3DXtech, a renowned North American manufacturer of technical filaments for advanced applications.

The most distinguishing features of the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament are its excellent flexibility, its ESD-safety properties, ease of printing, chemical resistance, and toughness. The filament is reinforced with 10 % of carbon fiber, has a UL94 HB flame rating, and its surface resistance is consistent between 10^7-10^9 Ohm. Moreover, this filament is characterized by an improved retention of impact and elongation, low particulate contamination, and minimal contribution to outgassing and ionic contamination.

The recommended extrusion temperature for the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament is 260 ºC. Nevertheless, studies conducted by 3DXTech have shown that increasing the extrusion temperature can heighten the levels of conductivity and surface resistance of the part 3D printed with the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament. Similarly, the lower the extrusion temperatures, the more insulating the part will be. This effect, however, will largely depend on the 3D printer properties and the geometry of the part, so the user is encouraged to experiment with extrusion temperatures.

The 3DXStat Flex filament is a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) based material. TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer whose most unique feature is the fact that it is made up of alternating hard and soft segments. Those segments can be altered to make the material harder or softer. The 3DXStat Flex TPU has a Shore hardness of 90-95A, which puts it on the semi-flex (semi-rigid) end of the hardness spectrum, comparable to the hardness of a shopping cart wheel. Some other benefits that TPU gives to the 3DXStat filament are very high elongation at break (300 %), flexibility even at low temperatures, great resistance to fatigue, resistance to abrasion and chemicals (strengthened by the addition of the carbon fiber) and low moisture absorption. This filament prints easily, with excellent layer binding and very low odor.

Thanks to the unique features yielded by the TPU base and the antistatic properties, the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament is ideal for applications where flexible and ESD safe tools and fixtures are needed. It can be used to manufacture semi conductive parts such as hard disk drive components, jigs, casings, connectors, or components for wafer handling. Some industrial applications include conveying, metering, and sensing applications. The ease and safety of printing make it perfect for not only professional industrial applications but also for hobbyist 3D printing in home conditions.

Elongation at break (%) 300
Tensile strength (MPa) 70
Flexural strength (MPa) 50
Surface hardness 5
Flexibility Flexibility
Abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance
Fatigue resistance Fatigue resistance
Electrical conductivity Electrical conductivity
Fiber reinforced Fiber reinforced
Chemical resistance Chemical resistance

Creating parts with complex geometries in FDM 3D printing is possible thanks to support materials. The recommended support material for the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament is the Aquatek X1 USM support filament soluble in hot water.

As far as bed adhesion, the addition of carbon fiber should improve the adhesion of this filament. However, should there occur adhesion problems, the Magigoo Flex or Magigoo Original adhesive can be applied to the printing bed.

All filaments should be stored in dry conditions as exposure to humidity will damage them and result in failed prints. To prevent that, it is best to store the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament in a vacuum sealed bag with desiccant, such as the Slice Engineering filament drying capsule, in a Smart Vacuum container or in the Fiber Three drying case. If the filament absorbs excess moisture, it should be dried for 4 hours at 65 ºC.

It is recommended to apply protection measures when 3D printing with this filament. Protective gloves, safety goggles and ventilation are highly recommended. If the user has a 3D printer that is not equipped with a filter, a standalone air purifier can be used, such as the Zimpure 2 air purifier.

More information on the 3DXStat Flex TPU filament can be found in the technical and safety data sheets in the Downloads section.

General information
Manufacturer 3DXTech
Material TPU 95A ESD
Format 50 g pack
750 g spool
Density (ISO 1183) 1.18 g/cm3
Filament diameter 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm
Diameter tolerance ± 0.05mm
Filament length ±16.8 m (Ø 1.75 mm - 50 g)
±6.6 m (Ø 2.85 mm - 50 g)
±251.5 m (Ø 1.75 mm - 750 g)
±99.6 m (Ø 2.85 mm - 750 g)
Colour Black
RAL/Pantone -
Printing properties
Printing temperature 220-240 ºC
Base/bed temperature 40-60 ºC
Chamber temperature
Layer fan
Print speed -
Mechanical properties
Izod impact resistance  -
Charpy impact resistance -
Elongation at break (ISO 527) 300 %
Tensile strength (ISO 527) 28 MPa
Tensile modulus -
Bending strength (ISO 178) 31 MPa
Bending modulus -
Surface hardness (ISO 7619) 90-95 Shore A
Electrical properties
Surface resistivity 107-109 Ohm
Thermal properties
Softening temperature -
Melting temperature -
Specific properties
Transparency -
Brightness value -
Additional information
HS Code 3916.9
Spool diameter (outer) 200 mm
Spool diameter (inner) 53 mm
Spool width 50 mm

*The typical values listed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the final results and properties with your own tests. For further information please refer to the product data sheet.


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