Formlabs is the world's best known 3D resin printer manufacturer. Its products show great quality and ease of use. In addition, its product catalog is constantly evolving, constantly marking the direction of development of this technology.

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Formlabs: Experience and development

Formlabs was founded in 2011 by 3 MIT Media Lab students. Since its inception, its purpose was to develop an easy-to-use and affordable stereolithographic 3D printer for all users. In October 2012, Formlabs launches its first 3D printer, Form 1, through a Kickstarter campaign. In 2019, Formlabs revolutionizes the market again with its Form 3 (Form 3+ since 2022) and Form 3L,  two printers with a new printing technology (LFS) that reduces manufacturing time, reduces the amount of media and increases print quality. Soon after, the Form 3B+ and Form 3BL followed, advanced desktop resin 3D printers oriented at the healthcare and medical device engineering sectors thanks to both printers' compatibility with biocompatible and sterilizable materials.

Resin printers for all users

Something key for a 3D printer to succeed internationally, especially a resin 3D printer, is that its operation is simple and easy. All Formlabs 3D printers are very simple to use, once the print file is generated, the resin cartridge is inserted into the printer, manufacturing is accepted and printing starts immediately. Once finished, the piece is moved to the washing center (Form Wash or Form Wash L), the curing center (Form Cure, Form Cure L or Fast Cure) or the Form Auto post-processing device designed for Build Platform 2. With the same level of simplicity, the file for printing is generated thanks to the automatic media generation option in the PreForm laminating software developed by Formlabs for all its printers and resins.

Material diversity

Formlabs has a series of industrial resins called engineering resins. They are a set of resins developed to solve the most complex engineering challenges thanks to the wide variety of functional materials. In addition, these materials help reduce costs and make prototypes and quality end pieces very quickly. Formlabs also offers resins for specific applications, such as castable resins, dental resins or biocompatible resins.