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The Finish Kit contains everything necessary for the extraction and cleaning of printed pieces on Form 3.

The Finish Kit of the 3D printer SLA Form 3 technology is the set of tools and accessories that are needed for the correct extraction and cleaning of the newly printed parts in case of not having the Form Wash.

It includes a washing station, two washing trays, a washing basket, a washing bottle, a finishing tray, a tool for the tank, tweezers, a spatula, a tool for removing parts, a holding device, cutting pliers and disposable nitrile gloves.

Thanks to this Kit, you can easily carry out the entire process that must be carried out following the completion of the SLA printing. It's mainly: Remove the build platform, separate the piece from said platform, wash the pieces, and remove the supports. All this is achieved in a very comfortable and fast thanks to the Finish Kit.

In addition, the Finish Kit has everything you need to facilitate the washing of the piece, thanks to a container for rinsing, another for after rinsing, and a basket that allows you to change the container very easily and cleanly.

FormLabs has also incorporated a work tray into the Finish Kit, so that all the post-processing is done in a clean and orderly manner.

How to use the buid platform holding tool (Jig):

Fit the build platform in the Jig

With the build platform facing upwards, the piece printed on the top, the platform is pushed over the Jig until it is securely fastened.

Fit the buid platform

Image 1: Fit the buid platform. Source: FormLabs

Possible orientations of the Jig

The Jig can be used as a support for the build platform of the Form 2 in a horizontal position to remove the piece. In the case of hard-to-extract printed pieces, the Jig can be held at an angle and thus apply more force safely.

Jig OrientationsImage 2: Jig Orientations. Source: FormLabs

ModelFinish Kit
Fabricant FormLabs (Massachusetts, EEUU)
Certificates CE
Contains 1x Wash station
2x Washing trays
1x Wash basket
1x Washing bottle
1x Finishing tray
1x Tank tool
1x Clamping device
1x Cutting Pliers
1x Tweezers
1x Disposable nitrile gloves
1x Print base removal tool
1x Extraction spatula


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