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Most potent container of FormLabs where the resin used by Form 2 for 3D SLA impressions is.

The LT Resin Tank is one of the key parts for the operation of the Form 2 3D SLA printer. The Resin Tank LT is necessary for its use with Rigid Resin and Resin Grey Pro. This tank has the characteristic of making long and repeated impressions. Compared to the Standard Resin Tank it has a lifespan of at least 2 times higher* (from 1,000 to 3,000 layers of printing), a more accurate printer detection, an anti-spill geometry and a simpler wiper release. Another aspect that stands out is the protection it has against UV rays to prevent the solidification of the resin at rest, especially when it's stored.

Each LT Resin Tank has its wiper, an element that slides through the tank between layers to remove traces of solidified resin or air bubbles that can affect solidification. In addition, FormLabs supplies a lid that ensures a perfect closure to protect and store the excess resin in the tank after each printing. Thanks to the design of the lid, the LT Resin Tanks can be stacked offering great comfort when storing the excess resin in each tank.

Resins storage

Image 1: Resins storage. Source: FormLabs

A tank should be used for each type of resin and color to avoid contamination and loss of the main properties of the resins.

* For materials that can be printed with the standard tank. The average life span with Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin is 1-2 L.

Resin tank

Each type of resin must have its resin tank, which must be changed after using 2L of resin. FormLabs has developed a more powerful tank, the Resin Tank LT, which has a life up to 2 times longer than the standard tank*.

To protect and store the excess resin in the tank after each printing, FormLabs supplies a lid that ensures a perfect closure. Once the tank is closed, it is recommended to store it (with resin and lid) in the original box so that the resin doesn't lose its properties when exposed to UV rays for a long time. Another point to keep in mind is that the tanks can't be cleaned with any cleaning product or similar (for example, isopopyl alcohol), since they lose certain qualities that can cause continuous failed impressions. Only the transparent outer part of the tank can be cleaned. Here's how to perform this step correctly.

Tank cleaning

1. Remove the build platform and the resin tank

Video 1: Remove the build platform and the resin tank. Source: FormLabs

2. Spray Novus 1

Video 2: Spray Novus 1. Source: FomLabs

3. Clean the surface

Video 3: Clean the surface. Source: FomLabs 

After applying the Novus 1 acrylic cleanser and using a PEC*PAD wipe with long and continuous movements, without applying excessive force, to remove all dust dirt and finger marks successfully. If necessary, the process will be repeated until the surface is completely clean.

4. Inspect the surface

Video 4: Inspect the surface. Source: FormLabs



You can't use IPA or any paper or cloth towel to clean the inside of the tank.

* For materials that can be printed with the standard tank. The average life span with Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin is 1-2 L.
Manufacturer FormLabs
Material Polycarbonate
Version V2 or higher
Compatible with Form 2
HS Code 8443.3

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