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Kit of manual/electric tools and accessories for finishing SLA prints.

Most 3D prints, regardless of the 3D printing technology used, will need some kind of post-processing to improve the parts' properties or surface finish. The Formlabs finishing tools kit allows to do just that with parts 3D printed using the SLA technology. This curated post-processing kit was developed by experienced engineers and validated by customers, all based on many years of research and testing.

The contents of the Formlabs finishing kit

Image 1: The contents of the Formlabs finishing kit. Source: Formlabs.

The finishing kit streamlines every step in the workflow from part and support removal to sanding, buffing, polishing and cleaning with a set of electric and manual tools, as well as various maintenance accessories. The finishit kit offers all that at a lower price than if the same tools were purchased separately while also significantly reducing the labor time per part. The kit contains the following elements:

  • 2 types of electric tools. The first tool is an adjustable speed rotary tool for removing support marks and enlarging holes. This tool comes with a 28-piece bit kit containing 16 grinding bits (grind down, sand, and polish parts) and 12 buffing bits (creating a uniform finish after grinding or sanding). The second tool is an ergonomic pen sander that allows the user to achieve a uniform surface finish on flat and gently curved parts.
  • Manual tools and accessories. Apart from the electric tools, the Formlabs finishing kit comes with various manual post-processing tools (flush cutters and hobby knife with blades) as well as cleaning accessories, such as a spray bottle (for IPA, water or mineral oil to remove dust and polish surfaces), a microfiber cloth and a large silicone mat (40 x 60 cm) to protect work surfaces from debris, dust and resin throughout the finishing process.

Video 1: A comprehensive tutorial on how to use the Formlabs finishing kit for SLA prints. Source: Formlabs.

These tools are intended to enable a concise, convenient and bundled solution that will dramatically increase the quality of part finishing. Using these finishing tools reduces the time and effort required for post-processing SLA parts, allowing users to increase the high quality of parts printed with any of the Formlabs SLA printers. The Formlabs finishing kit can be used on parts 3D printed on the Form 3, Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3L, Form 3B, Form 3B+ and Form 3BL Formlabs SLA 3D printers.

Useful tips on post processing SLA 3D printed parts can be found on the Formlabs website.

Manufacturer Formlabs
Kit contents 1x Ergonomic pen sander
1x Rotary tool
16x Grinding and polishing heads
12x Polishing heads
Level cutters
1x Spray bottle
1x Microfibre cloth
1x Silicone mat 40 x 60 cm
HS Code 8203.2


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