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Automatically removes finished parts from Build Platform 2 and starts the next print.

The Form Auto device is the heart of the Automation Ecosystem, a revolutionary solution developed by Formlabs for SLA 3D printing with the Form 3/3+ and the Form 3B/3B+ printers (not included). With Form Auto, it is possible to transform those printers into fully autonomous fleets for 24/7 production

Video 1: Form Auto is part of the Formlabs Automation Ecosystem. Source: Formlabs.

Form Auto can be thought of as a hardware extension for the Formlabs 3/B/+ SLA 3D printers. By using the patented Quick Release technology of the Formlabs Build Platform 2 (not included), Form Auto makes it possible to achieve continuous production without any user intervention. The parts are removed from the build platform and placed in a UV-safe container for further post-processing. This leads to significant gains in productivity and throughput and a great reduction in production costs.

Parts removed from the build platform are placed in a UV-safe container for further post-processing

Image 1: Parts removed from the build platform are placed in a UV-safe container for further post-processing. Source: Formlabs.

The benefits of upgrading the Form 3/B/+ printers with the Form Auto solution are clearly reflected in the productivity statistics drawn from the performance of the Form 3/B/+ printers without and with the Form Auto installed. In a nutshell, Form Auto allows for a 40 % reduction in cost per part and an 80 % reduction in labor costs.

Form 3/B/+Form 3/B/+ with Form Auto
Print length (minutes) 65 65
Models per print 8 8
Prints per day 8 22
Models per day 64 176
Utilization (over 24 hours) 36 % 99 %
Minutes of labor per print 12.8 1.5
Total labor (minutes) 102.4 33
Table 1: Throughput with and without the Form Auto solution. Source: Formlabs.

In combination with the Fleet Control software by Formlabs (one-year licence for Fleet Control given with purchase), Form Auto is able to queue next prints so that the user can sit back and relax, and watch the parts being produced seamlessly for hours on end. Fleet Control allows teams to collaborate in one centralized Dashboard queue where multiple users can add, duplicate and prioritize prints at any time across a fleet of 3D printers. 

The interface of the Fleec Control software

Image 2: The interface of the Fleec Control software. Source: Formlabs.

Furthermore, once a print is added to Dashboard, Fleet Control will automatically assign a printer for the job based on common consumables, always choosing the best candidate to finish the job the quickest and make the best use of the fleet and materials. Another interesting features is that with Form Auto, it is possibble to record part removal videos which ensures long-term traceability and gives the user full control and peace of mind for remote printing.

A 3D printer farm using the Form Auto machines

Image 3: A 3D printer farm using the Form Auto machines. Source: Formlabs.

Form Auto is the perfect solution for low to mid volume production, batch production and 3D printers farms. It must be kept in mind that not all Formlabs materials are compatible with the Form Auto solution, for example Elastomeric, Flexible, PU, IBT or Castable Wax 40 resins (more information here). On the Formlabs support page numerous articles on the usage, maintenance, safety and troubleshooting for the Form Auto machine can be found.


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