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  • Form 2 Build Platform (FormLabs) View larger

    Form 2 / Form 3 Build Platform (FormLabs)



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    90,00 €

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    Build Platform compatible with Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3B from Formlabs.

    The Build Platform is the base where 3D SLA printing is made. The good condition of the Manufacturing Platform is necessary to achieve the desired quality results and that it 's easy to separate the piece from the platform itself.

    This Build Platform is compatible with Form 2Form 3 and Form 3B SLA technology 3D printers from Formlabs.

    The availability of an additional Build Platform accelerates the workflow by being able to change resin quickly and being able to initiate a new print while removing the part from the Build Platform from a previous print. In order to automate and carry out the washing and curing process faster, FormLabs has launched Form Wash and Form Cure.

    Ecosistema Form 2

    Image 1: Form 2 Ecosystem. Source: FormLabs

    When removing parts from the Build Platform, care must be taken not to scratch the printing area. If it's scratched or damaged, the platform must be replaced to obtain the desired results.

    It's recommended to have at least one additional Build Platform to make the resin changes quickly or start new impressions without waiting to remove the piece from the platform of the previous printing.

    Manufacturer FormLabs
    Compatibility Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3B
    HS Code 8443.3

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