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Container where the resin using Form 3 and is located.

3D printing LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) uses linear lighting and a tank with a flexible film to convert the liquid resin into perfectly constructed solid parts. A key component of the LFS process is the sturdy double layer film located at the bottom of the Form 3 resin tank, which allows a dynamic and precise printing process.

FormLabs supplies a housing with a lid that ensures a perfect closure to protect and store the remaining resin  in the tank after each print. Thanks to the design of the housing, the Resin Tanks can be stacked offering great comfort when storing the remaining resin in each tank.

Case Resin Tank Form 3

Image 1: Case Resin Tank Form 3. Source: FormLabs

The user must take into account that it is advisable to use a tank for each type of resin and color to avoid contamination and loss of the main properties of the resins.


The first step is to choose the type of resin you want to use. Once the cartridge has been chosen and introduced in Form 3, you should only start the ProForm software, choose the type of resin, the desired layer height and import the file you want to print. Finally, the print file is sent to Form 3.


To start printing simply go to Form 3, press the button to start printing on the touch screen and start printing.


Once the printing is finished, the build platform base is removed and placed either in the isopropyl alcohol tank that includes the finishing kit or in the Form Wash, to later remove the supports. Finally, the piece must be cured to achieve the maximum mechanical performance. For this FormLabs has the Form Cure, an automated curing equipment, in which you only have to introduce the piece and select the type of material that has been used.

Manufacturer FormLabs
Material Double flexible sheet
Version V2 or higher
Compatible with Form 3 and Form 3B
HS Code 8443.3

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