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Form Cure offers the perfect curing of all parts manufactured with the 3D SLA Form 2 printer.

The Form Cure offers the perfect curing that all parts printed with resin SLA technology need. This curing machine has everything necessary for the pieces to reach their maximum mechanical properties.

The Form Cure has a heating system, up to 80ºC, which controls the internal temperature accurately and at all times.

Temperature control

Image 1: Temperature control. Source: FormLabs

It has 13 multidirectional LEDs that emit light at the optimum wavelength to cure the resin.

Multidirectional LEDs

Image 2: Multidirectional LEDs. Source: FormLabs

The rotating plate (1 revolution per minute) of the base, together with the forced air system, ensures a totally uniform curing.

During curing of the Form Cure, exposure to 405nm light causes the formation of chemical bonds in the molecular structure of the printed piece, giving greater strength and rigidity to the material. The forced air heat accelerates and improves this bond formation process for a highly effective cure for all types of resins.

Piece after curing

Image 3: Piece after curing. Source: FormLabs

Before introducing the pieces in the Form Cure they must be clean and free of all the supports and for this FormLabs has the Form Wash, an automated washing center and specially programmed to wash all types of parts manufactured in Form 2.

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