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SLASH Resin Tank (UniZ)

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Made with a polymeric film, specially designed to offer a low surface tension.

One of the key parts for the proper functioning of the UniZ 3D LED-LCD printers is the resin tank. In this tank is the resin, which will subsequently solidify layer by layer, thanks to the beam of light generated by the set of LEDs, until the piece is completely made.

The resin tank is made with a polymeric film, specially designed to offer a low surface tension, held by a high-strength plastic frame that keeps the film in tension, thus obtaining a high printing performance.

Like all resin tanks this type of technology has a limited lifespan. Since UniZ have managed to prolong the life of the tank during many hours of printing, it is advisable to change it from 50-80 hours of printing. Although you can reuse a tank for different resins, always doing a thorough cleaning between changing resin, it is recommended to have a tank for each type of resin and thus avoid potential problems, such as contamination of the resins when coming into contact with two different materials . To improve and facilitate storage, UniZ has covers for resin tanks, which apart from protecting the resin from the environment, allows to stack resin tanks comfortably.

Before each print must pass a plastic card, included with UNIZ 3D printer, the bottom of the tank to verify that there are no solid residues of resin and the sheet tank is not damaged. Never use a metal spatula.

Manufacturer UniZ
Version V2
Compatibility UniZ Slash 2, UniZ Slash 2Pro
Material Polymeric
HS Code 8443.3

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