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Resin tank for the Flashforge Foto 13.3 printer with a volume of 1.8 L.

Flashforge Foto 13.3 is a high-definition, high-volume LCD 3D printer with a high printing speed.

The latest resin 3D printing technology to hit the market has been LCD printing technology and, in recent years, it has grown dramatically. It works in a similar way to DLP technology, but instead of reflecting light through a digital micromirror device (DMD), it uses an LCD device in which each pixel acts as a small window to block or let light through.

Resin tank for Foto 13.3

Image 1: Resin tank. Source: Flashforge Germany.

One of the key parts for the correct functioning of the Flashforge Foto 13.3 resin 3D printer is the resin tank, which has dimensions of 380 x 225 x 50 mm and a volume of 1.8 litres.

Although the same tank can be used for different resins, always cleaning thoroughly between resin changes, it is recommended to use one tank for each type of resin and colour to avoid contamination and loss of the main properties of the resins.

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Manufacturer Flashforge
Compatible with Foto 13.3
HS Code 8443.3


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