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SLASH Cover Resin Tank (UniZ)


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Cover to increase the practicality of the SLASH resin 3D printers by UniZ.

To increase the practicality of the SLASH resin 3D printers, Uniz has developed a cover for resin tanks. With this lid, the user can make a change of resin and tank easily and quickly without the need to return the material to the bottle. This is crucial to optimize each operator's time.

This cover fits perfectly to the UniZ resin tank, preventing the spillage of resin out of the tank when handling it. In addition, this cover has a coating that blocks ambient light to ensure that the resin can be stored stably in the tank for 3-5 days. For longer storage periods it is recommended to return the resin in the original bottle, a process that can be performed automatically from the UniZ lamination software. The cover for tanks of resin allows to stack the tanks with each other of simple form and like this save space.

Manufacturer UniZ
Material Polymeric
HS Code 8443.3

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