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Official Nexa 3D kit with post-processing tools and accessories.

Even though the XiP 3D printer by Nexa 3D already comes with a toolkit, the user may want to acquire an extra toolkit to have full post-processing freedom. The XiP toolkit contains:

  1. A wash bucket with (compatible with Wash+Cure) to use in a two-stage washing process.
  2. A rolled mat to create a safe work surface anywhere.
  3. A pair of snips for removing supports from the 3D printed parts.
  4. A scraper to clean the Everlast 2 Membrane.
  5. A spatula for safely removing parts from the build plate.
  6. A flat metal file and a half-round metal file for filing away support nubs.
  7. A cleaning tool to be used when auto-cleaning the Everlast 2 Membrane.
  8. A funnel for pouring resin back into the cartridge.
  9. A filter for removing partially cured resin from the vat.
  10. A pair of safety gloves for handling the resin and printer components.
  11. A tray for moving the work around the office.

Video 1: A demonstration of the XiP toolkit. Source: Nexa 3D.

With this bundled toolkit the user can professionally and safely post-process parts 3D printed on the XiP 3D printer.

Manufacturer Nexa 3D
Kit contents 1x Wash+Cure wash bucket
1x rolled mat
1x snips
1x scraper
1x spatula
1x flat metal file
1x half-round metal file
1x cleaning tool
1x funnel
1x resin filter
1x pair of gloves
1x tray
HS Code 8203.2


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