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Equipment to internalise processes

Desktop manufacturing equipment helps users to control their production process from start to finish without having to rely on external companies to produce professional quality products.
News  oct 5, 2021

How to include thermoforming in the prototyping process

Thermoforming is a process that consists of heating a sheet or sheet of thermoplastic, so that when it softens it can be adapted to the shape of a mould by the action of pressure and vacuum. This is undoubtedly an enormously versatile and relatively inexpensive manufacturing process, very widespread in industry and very useful in the prototyping process.
News  jul 13, 2021

Adhesion problems and solutions in FDM 3D printing

There are a number of different adhesion products available, but the most common are spray adhesives, vaporisers and liquid adhesives. In this article you can find some of the most common problems that the user may encounter when using adhesive products to adhere to the base.
Tips  jun 29, 2021

FDM 3D Printing Success Story with Adura X

There are a multitude of materials with advanced properties, perfect for applications in sectors such as engineering. RGNT-Motorcycles has chosen Adura X filament for the manufacture of its motorbike parts, here's why.
Materials  jun 22, 2021

How to calculate the cost of 3D printed parts printed with SLS technology?

As with other 3D printing technologies, in SLS 3D printing it is crucial to know what the printing costs will be for each 3D printed part. This article explains how to know the approximate costs of 3D printing with the SLS 3D printers Sinterit Lisa and Sinterit Lisa Pro.
News  jun 15, 2021

PPprint and the manufacture of 3D printed polypropylene parts with FDM technology

Polypropylene (PP) is one of today's most valued plastic materials, but offers certain difficulties when it comes to 3D printing. PPprint offers a range of products to optimise the process of 3D printing parts from this material.
Materials  jun 8, 2021

Metal filaments: Filamet and Ultrafuse

Ultrafuse and Filamet are the metallic filament ranges from renowned manufacturers BASF and The Virtual Foundry. We analyse the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these materials.
News  jun 1, 2021

3D scanners

In this post we will make a small introduction to the world of 3D scanners. We will explain what types there are, how they work and how to get from the point cloud to the final digital model.
News  may 25, 2021
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